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Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better, 2nd Edition

Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better, 2nd Edition

Gina Trapani

ISBN: 978-0-470-23836-3

Mar 2008

480 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Whether you?re a Mac or Windows user, there are tricks here for you in this helpful resource. You?ll feast on this buffet of new shortcuts to make technology your ally instead of your adversary, so you can spend more time getting things done and less time fiddling with your computer. You?ll learn valuable ways to upgrade your life so that you can work?and live?more efficiently, such as: empty your e-mail inbox, search the Web in three keystrokes, securely save Web site passwords, automatically back up your files, and many more.


Chapter 1 Control Your Email.

Hack 1: Empty Your Inbox (and Keep It Empty).

Hack 2: Decrease Your Response Time.

Hack 3: Craft Effective Messages.

Hack 4: Highlight Messages Sent Directly to You.

Hack 5: Use Disposable Email Addresses.

Hack 6: Master Message Search.

Hack 7: Future-Proof Your Email Address.

Hack 8: Consolidate Multiple Email Addresses with Gmail.

Hack 9: Script Repetitive Responses.

Hack 10: Filter Low-Priority Messages (“Bacn”).

Chapter 2 Organize Your Data.

Hack 11: Organize Your Documents Folder.

Hack 12: Instantly Retrieve Files Stored on Your Computer.

Hack 13: Overhaul Your Filing Cabinet.

Hack 14: Instantly Recall Any Number of Different Passwords.

Hack 15: Securely Track Your Passwords.

Hack 16: Tag Your Bookmarks.

Hack 17: Organize Your Digital Photos.

Hack 18: Create Saved Search Folders.

Hack 19: Create a Password-Protected Disk on Your PC.

Hack 20: Create a Password-Protected Disk on Your Mac.

Hack 21: Design Your Own Planner.

Chapter 3 Trick Yourself into Getting Done.

Hack 22: Make Your To-Do List Doable.

Hack 23: Set up a Morning Dash.

Hack 24: Map Your Time.

Hack 25: Quick-Log Your Workday.

Hack 26: Dash through Tasks with a Timer.

Hack 27: Form New Habits with Jerry Seinfeld’s Chain.

Hack 28: Control Your Workday.

Hack 29: Turn Tasks into Game Play.

Chapter 4 Clear Your Mind.

Hack 30: Send Reminders to Your Future Self.

Hack 31: Build Your Personal Wikipedia.

Hack 32: Develop Your (Digital) Photographic Memory.

Hack 33: Take Great Notes.

Hack 34: Organize Your Life with Remember the Milk.

Hack 35: Organize Your Life in Text Files.

Chapter 5 Firewall Your Attention.

Hack 36: Limit Visits to Time-Wasting Web Sites.

Hack 37: Permanently Block Time-Wasting Web Sites.

Hack 38: Reduce Email Interruptions.

Hack 39: Split Your Work Among Multiple Desktops.

Hack 40: Build a No-Fly Zone.

Hack 41: Clear Your Desktop.

Hack 42: Make Your House a Usable Home.

Hack 43: Sentence Stuff to Death Row.

Hack 44: Drown out Distracting Sounds with Pink Noise.

Chapter 6 Streamline Common Tasks.

Hack 45: Search the Web in Three Keystrokes.

Hack 46: Command Your Windows PC from the Keyboard.

Hack 47: Command Your Mac from the Keyboard.

Hack 48: Reduce Repetitive Typing with Texter for Windows.

Hack 49: Reduce Repetitive Typing with TextExpander for Mac.

Hack 50: Text-Message Efficiently.

Hack 51: Batch-Resize Photos.

Hack 52: Send and Receive Money on Your Cell Phone.

Hack 53: Bypass Free Site Registration with BugMeNot.

Hack 54: Speed Up Web Pages on a Slow Internet Connection.

Hack 55: Securely Save Web Site Passwords.

Hack 56: Become a Scheduling Black Belt with Google Calendar.

Hack 57: Scan Text to PDF with Your Camera Phone.

Hack 58: Poll Groups of People with Doodle.

Chapter 7 Automate Repetitive Tasks.

Hack 59: Automatically Back Up Your Files to an External Hard Drive (PC).

Hack 60: Automatically Back Up Your Files to an External Hard Drive (Mac).

Hack 61: Automatically Back Up Your Files Online.

Hack 62: Automatically Empty Your Digital Junk Drawer (PC).

Hack 63: Automatically Clean Up Your Mac.

Hack 64: Automatically Reboot and Launch Applications.

Hack 65: Make Google Search Results Automatically Come to You.

Hack 66: Automatically Download Music, Movies, and More.

Hack 67: Automatically Email Yourself File Backups.

Hack 68: Automatically Update a Spreadsheet.

Chapter 8 Get Your Data to Go.

Hack 69: Manage Your Documents in a Web-Based Office Suite.

Hack 70: Replace Your Laptop with a Portable Drive.

Hack 71: Carry Your Life on a Flash Drive.

Hack 72: Access Web Apps and Search via Text Message.

Hack 73: Create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Hamachi.

Hack 74: Run a Home Web Server.

Hack 75: Remotely Control Your Home Computer.

Hack 76: Give Your Home Computer a Web Address.

Hack 77: Optimize Your Laptop.

Hack 78: Back Up Data to Your iPod.

Hack 79: Turn Your Cell Phone into a Modem.

Hack 80: Use Gmail as an Internet Hard Drive.

Chapter 9 Master the Web.

Hack 81: Google Like a Pro.

Hack 82: Subscribe to Web Sites with RSS.

Hack 83: Add Engines to Your Browser’s Search Box.

Hack 84: Quick Search from the URL Bar.

Hack 85: Extend Your Web Browser.

Hack 86: Supercharge Your Firefox Downloads with DownThemAll!

Hack 87: Get 10 Useful Bookmarklets.

Hack 88: Find Reusable Media Online.

Hack 89: Get Your Data on a Map.

Hack 90: Set Multiple Sites as Your Home Page.

Hack 91: Access Unavailable Web Sites via Google.

Hack 92: Take Your Browser Configuration with You.

Hack 93: Find Out About a Web Site.

Hack 94: Have a Say in What Google Says About You.

Hack 95: Capture Web Clippings with Google Notebook.

Hack 96: Clear Your Web Browsing Tracks.

Chapter 10 Hone Your Computer Survival Skills.

Hack 97: Rescue Your PC from Malware.

Hack 98: Clean Up Your Startup.

Hack 99: Undo System Configuration Changes.

Hack 100: Truly Delete Data from Your Hard Drive.

Hack 101: Compare and Merge Files and Folders with WinMerge.

Hack 102: Firewall Your PC.

Hack 103: Firewall Your Mac.

Hack 104: Speed Up Windows Vista with a Thumb Drive.

Hack 105: Free Up Hard-Drive Space.

Hack 106: Resurrect Deleted Files.

Hack 107: Hot Image Your PC for Instant Restoration.

Hack 108: Recover Files from an Unbootable PC.

Chapter 11 Manage Multiple Computers.

Hack 109: Share Windows Files.

Hack 110: Share Mac Files.

Hack 111: Synchronize Folders Between Computers.

Hack 112: Synchronize Your Browser Bookmarks Between Computers.

Hack 113: Share a Single Printer Between Computers.

Hack 114: Have Your Mac and Windows, Too, with Boot Camp.

Hack 115: Optimize Your Dual Monitors.

Hack 116: Control Multiple Computers with a Single Keyboard and Mouse.