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Urban Design Handbook: Techniques and Working Methods

Urban Design Handbook: Techniques and Working Methods

Urban Design Associates

ISBN: 978-0-393-73106-4

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608 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Based on Urban Design Associates' in-house training procedures, this unique handbook details the techniques and working methods of a major urban design and planning firm.

Covering the process from basic principles to developed designs, the book outlines the range of project types and services that urban designers can offer and sets out a set of general operating guidelines and procedures for:

  • Developing a master plan, including techniques for engaging citizens in the design process and technical analysis to evaluate the physical form of the neighborhood, centered on a design charrette with public participation;
  • Preparing a pattern book to guide residential construction in a new traditional town, including the documentation of architectural and urban precedents in a form that can be used by architects and builders;
  • Implementing contextual architectural design, including methods of applying the essential qualities of traditional architecture in many styles to modern programs and construction techniques.

This invaluable guide offers an introductory course in urbanism as well as an operations manual for architects, planners, developers, and public officials.
300 color illustrations