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Urban Gardening For Dummies


The easy way to succeed at urban gardening

A townhouse yard, a balcony, a fire escape, a south-facing window—even a basement apartment can all be suitable locations to grow enough food to save a considerable amount of money and enjoy the freshest, healthiest produce possible.

Urban Gardening For Dummies helps you make the most of limited space through the use of proven small-space gardening techniques that allow gardeners to maximize yield while minimizing space.

  • Covers square-foot gardening and vertical and layered gardening
  • Includes guidance on working with container gardening, succession gardening, and companion gardening
  • Offers guidance on pest management, irrigation and rain barrels, and small-space composting

If you're interested in starting an urban garden that makes maximum use of minimal space, Urban Gardening For Dummies has you covered.

Introduction 1

Part I: Urban Gardening 101 7

Chapter 1: Gardening in the City 9

Chapter 2: Reaping the Benefi ts of Urban Gardening 17

Chapter 3: The Urban Microclimate 27

Part II: Gardening Basics 37

Chapter 4: Getting to Know Your Soil 39

Chapter 5: Feeding and Fertilizing Your Soil 51

Chapter 6: Getting Your Hands Dirty: Planting How-To 67

Part III: Places and Ways to Garden 89

Chapter 7: Creating an Outdoor Room 91

Chapter 8: Containing Your Gardening 107

Chapter 9: A Garden with a View: The Rooftop Garden 123

Chapter 10: Going Vertical in Your Garden 141

Chapter 11: Apartment Gardens 155

Chapter 12: Community Gardening and Urban Farming 165

Part IV: Growing Plants in the City 179

Chapter 13: City Setting, Country Food 181

Chapter 14: The Annual Flowering of the City 199

Chapter 15: Perennial Flowers, Roses, and Bulbs in the City 215

Chapter 16: Growing a Tree in Brooklyn 231

Chapter 17: Lawns and Ground Covers 249

Part V: Growing to Perfection 263

Chapter 18: Weeding and Mulching Your Plants 265

Chapter 19: Watering Your Garden 275

Chapter 20: Controlling Urban Garden Pests 289

Part VI: The Part of Tens 311

Chapter 21: Ten Tools for Urban Gardeners 313

Chapter 22: Ten Kid-Friendly Ways to Garden in the City 319

Chapter 23: Ten Tips to Manage a Sustainable Urban Garden 325

Index 331