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Urban Geography, 3rd Edition

Urban Geography, 3rd Edition

Dave H. Kaplan, Steven Holloway

ISBN: 978-1-118-57385-3 April 2014 512 Pages


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Kaplan's Urban Geography uncovers the excitement and richness found in cities, while tackling the wide variety of urban challenges. This text offers a comprehensive treatment of urban geography, covering the field both as it has evolved and as it exists today and fully explores the origins and development of cities. Kaplan includes the most current research in urban studies, introduces elements of urban theory and methodology, and addresses the urban experience as a global one.

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Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Changing Field of Urban Geography

Chapter 2. The Origins and Development of Cities.

Chapter 3. The Evolution of the American Urban System

Chapter 4. Globalization and the Urban System

Chapter 5. Urban Land Use, the Central Business District, and the Growth of Suburbs

Chapter 6. Landscapes of Production

Chapter 7. Foundations of Urban Social Landscapes

Chapter 8. Urban Housing Markets: Sprawl, Blight, and Regeneration.

Chapter 9. Segregation, Race, and Urban Poverty

Chapter10. Immigration, Ethnicity, and Urbanism

Chapter 11. Metropolitan Governance and Fragmentation

Chapter 12. Planning the Better City

Chapter 13. Cities in the Developed World

Chapter 14. Cities in the Less Developed World

Chapter 15. Regional Variations in Urban Structure and Form in the Less Developed World

  • New updates in all chapters to reflect the most recent available data
  • Writing made even more accessible and student-friendly
  • Extensive new class exercises for each chapter to better integrate this text into your class.
  • Examines the spatial arrangements and distributions of activities in metropolitan areas, covering economic, social, and political landscapes.
  • A number of metropolitan systems are discussed at both U.S. and global scales.
  • Technology and Urban Geography boxes included in each chapter.
  • Includes maps, graphs, photographs and data that reflect current research.