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Urban Morphogenesis 1

Urban Morphogenesis 1

Philippe Bonnin, Stéphane Douady

ISBN: 978-1-119-32938-1

Oct 2020, Wiley-ISTE

200 pages


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This set of three books is based on the research of the Morphocity multidisciplinary team on the description, analysis and Numerical Modeling of Morphogenesis Viaire. SHS researchers (planners and anthropologues) describe and analyze urban form, its evolution and the processes that underlie them; The Out of SHS (modelers, physicists) are looking at probable "simple laws" at work behind the complexity and variety of urban structures.

1. Classic and static approach (typology and figures of the urban form)

2. Approach of human creation as a mathematical object (see Part 1 Frame-frame)

3. Approach of the city like Processes and energy flow

4. Inventory of urban morphology of work, the gradual emergence of concepts, work and methods

5. Shapes of cities: Medieval center, classic cities, gridded cities, diagonal

6. From the methods and urban knowledge to the scientific method trial

7. The precursors of urban form, the geographical area and the countryside: the relief as an obstacle or as a defense