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User Involvement in Health Care

Trisha Greenhalgh (Editor), Charlotte Humphrey (Editor), Fran Woodard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-34804-0 July 2011 BMJ Books 144 Pages


How can the needs and perspective of patients be incorporated in the design and redesign of health services?

Health organizations are focusing more and more on patients – and requiring their employees to practise patient focused care. The Modernisation Initiative described in this book explores in three health service areas (kidney, stroke and sexual health services) how patients' and carers' involvement may inform and shape quality improvement work

This book guides you through the issues and challenges that teams seeking to involve users in changing health services are likely to face. It offers a wealth of practical knowledge about involving users. Those undertaking similar programmes, whether in primary care or hospital based, will find ideas and examples in this book to inspire and guide them.

Contributors vi

Foreword viii

Acknowledgements xii

Chapter 1 User involvement – a story of our time 1
Trisha Greenhalgh, Charlotte Humphrey & Fran Woodard

Chapter 2 What is already known about involving users in service transformation? 10
Ceri Butler & Trisha Greenhalgh

Chapter 3 Experience-based co-design  28
Vikki Pearce, Paula Baraitser, Gaynor Smith & Trisha Greenhalgh

Chapter 4 Patients as teachers and mentors 52
Gaynor Smith Jane Hughes & Trisha Greenhalgh

Chapter 5 Co-producing information 64
Jane Hughes, Gaynor Smith & Trisha Greenhalgh

Chapter 6 Involving users in leadership and governance 81
Fran Woodard, Lizzy Bovill & David Freedman

Chapter 7 Inherent tensions in involving users 104
Trisha Greenhalgh, Fran Woodard & Charlotte Humphrey

Chapter 8 Where next for user involvement? 116
Trisha Greenhalgh, Fran Woodard & Charlotte Humphrey

Index 127

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