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Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent: How Organizations Leverage On-the-Job Development



Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent: How Organizations Leverage On-the-Job Development

Cynthia D. McCauley, Morgan W. McCall Jr.

ISBN: 978-1-118-76787-0 March 2014 Pfeiffer 512 Pages


How organizations can effectively put experience at the center of the development process

Research increasingly and conclusively shows that effective leaders continue to learn, grow, and change throughout their careers and that a significant part of this development occurs through on-the-job experiences. Co-Published by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and sponsored by the Center for Creative Leadership, Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent provides real-world strategies, best practices, lessons learned, and global perspectives on how organizations effectively use experience to develop talent.

  • Provides an in-depth look at a variety of leader development initiatives that have taken up the challenge of putting experience at the center of the development process
  • Written by senior practitioners who have implemented initiatives they write about
  • Shares new development planning tools, systematic approaches to managing the assignments of high potentials, tools to educate managers on how to find assignments that meet their employee's development needs
  • Includes online resources that allow employees to search for development opportunities

Describing challenges and practices in multinational companies around the world, Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent will serve as a focused guide to how organizations can use on-the-job development to reshape leader development practices that better integrate work and learning.

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Foreword: Series Editor xvii

Foreword: A Senior HR Executive Perspective xxi

Foreword: A Senior Line Executive Perspective xxv

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The Contributors xxxi

Section I: Introduction 1

1 Experience-Driven Leadership Development: Surveying the Terrain 3
Morgan W. McCall, Jr., and Cynthia D. McCauley

Section II: Putting Experience at the Center of Talent Development Systems 17

2 Building Leadership Breadth at Eaton Corporation 19
Connie Wayne

3 Developing a Pipeline of Internal Leadership Talent at 3M 42
Karen B. Paul, Cindy Johnson, and Kathie Karls

4 Developing Leaders at All Levels at Yum! Brands 64
J. Tim Galbraith and Jim Howard

5 Experience-Based Development: Building a Foundation at Kelly Services 93
Brad Borland, Terry Hauer, and Laura Ann Preston-Dayne

6 Leading from Where You Are: Driving On-the-Job Development into the Whole Organization 114
Paul R. Yost

Section III: Designing Job Experiences for Leader Development 137

7 A Project-Based Approach to Developing High-Potential Talent in the Tata Group 139
Aditya Ahuja, Radhakrishnan Nair, and Asma Bagash

8 Collaborative Leadership in the Intelligence Community: Joint Duty Program 154
Elizabeth B. Kolmstetter

9 Advancing Strategic Work and Accelerating Leadership Talent at GlaxoSmithKline 188
Kim Lafferty and Steve Chapman

10 Developing IBM Leaders Through Socially Responsible Service Projects 205
Vicki L. Flaherty and Mathian Osicki

11 Using Part-Time Assignments to Broaden the Senior Leadership Pipeline at Genentech 228
Nisha Advani

12 An Indian Experience of Leader Development: The Fire of Experience and Krishna-Arjuna Coaching 250
P. V. Bhide, Meena Surie Wilson, Rajeev Kakkar, and Dilep Misra

13 Virtual Reality and Leadership Development 278
Randall W. Hill, Jr.

Section IV: Maximizing Learning from Experience 305

14 Formal Development Enhances Learning from Experience at Microsoft 307
Lori Homer

15 Experience-Based First-Line Manager Development at HEINEKEN 331
Mary Mannion Plunkett and Dagmar Daubner

16 Turning Experience into Expertise: The Everyday Learning Disciplines for Leaders 355
Jeffrey J. McHenry and D. Douglas McKenna

17 Catalytic Converters: How Exceptional Bosses Develop Leaders 396
Morgan W. McCall, Jr., and Jeffrey J. McHenry

Section V: Conclusion 423

18 Putting Experience at the Heart of Leader Development: Concluding Thoughts 425
Cynthia D. McCauley and Morgan W. McCall, Jr.

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