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Using Individual Assessments in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for HR Professionals, Trainers, and Managers

Using Individual Assessments in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for HR Professionals, Trainers, and Managers

Leonard D. Goodstein, Erich P. Prien

ISBN: 978-0-787-98540-0

Jul 2006, Pfeiffer

240 pages



Written for human resource professionals, trainers, and managers, Using Individual Assessments in the Workplace is an easy-to-read and easy-to-apply manual for using assessment tools. Step by step this much-needed resource leads the reader through the often complex processes of job analysis, test selection, test administration and interpretation, and decision making. The authors—Leonard D. Goodstein and Erich P. Prien—are leading experts in the field of workplace assessment. In this book they present a comprehensive resource that offers an introduction to individual assessment, shows how to collect and analyze assessment data (including a five-step model for conducting this process), reveals how to perform psychological measurement, develop and integrate individual assessment data, and report individual assessment results.

Foreword by W. Warner Burke xi

Foreword by Adrian Furnham xv

1. Introduction 1

For Whom Did We Write This Book? 1

What Are Our Recommendations? 2

How Is This Book Organized? 3

2. The Practice of Individual Assessment 7

What Is Individual Assessment? 8

What Does an Assessor Need to Know? 8

The Three Levels of Assessor Competencies 9

The Individual Assessment Model 15

Information Technology and Individual Assessment 22

Summary 29

3. Psychological Measurement 31

The Normal Distribution Curve 31

Reliability 33

Validity 37

Norms 40

The Role of the Assessor 42

Classification of Psychological Tests 44

Interviewing 51

Summary 52

4. Collecting and Analyzing Assessment Data 53

Using the Five-Step Model of Individual Assessment 54

Hard and Soft Data 68

Assessment Procedures and Choices 71

Reporting and Follow-Up Choices 82

Summary 83

5. Developing and Integrating Individual Assessment Data 85

Choosing Measures 86

The Database 88

Processing the Database 96

Summary 104

6. Reporting Individual Assessment Results 107

The Focus of a Final Report 108

Content and Style 108

Drawing Conclusions and Making Recommendations 118

A Decision-Making Model 119

A Forty-Question Checklist 121

Computer-Generated Reports 121

Individual Assessment for Development 125

Future-Oriented Job Analysis 134

Summary 135

Appendix A: Recommended Readings 137

Appendix B: Sample Position Description 139

Appendix C: Introduction to Job Analysis 143

Appendix D: First-Line Management/Supervisory Level Competency Model 153
Appendix E: Senior Management/Executive Level Competency Model 159

Appendix F: Sample Individual Assessment Report on Applicant for Administrative
Assistant Position 167

Appendix G: Sample Assessment Report—Supervisor/First-Line Manager 171

Appendix H: Sample Individual Assessment Report—Management and Executive Level 179

Appendix I: Selected Tests and Publishers 189

References 199

About the Authors 203

Index 205

""Clearly written and well organized"" (Personnel Psychology, 10/03/2007)