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Using Option Charts to Boost Trading Profits

Using Option Charts to Boost Trading Profits

Price Headley

ISBN: 978-1-118-63368-7 April 2013




Run time: 117 min. Discover a unique new way to trade options for maximum profit - time and again - using simple charting techniques perfected by Big Trends in Trading author Price Headley.

His powerful new approach allows you to refine your option selection process and precisely time your exits and entry points. Now, in step-by-step detail, this new dvd workshop outlines the simple process he's developed that lets you reduce your overall risk exposure, minimize position drawdowns and significantly increase your eventual profits.

Headley highlights every detail of this successful new twist to option analysis - and explains each move in easy-to-follow language. His masterful trade-screening tips and methods cover ...

Why you should trade options instead of stocks - especially in bear markets.

  • How to use option charts to filter out the "noise" in the markets.
  • How to analyze option charts to increase "confidence levels" before initiating trades.
  • The "ulcer index" - reducing your trading anxiety levels.
  • Focusing on the close: Avoiding the risks of making trade decisions during "amateur hour".
  • The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as an entry trigger.
  • The fine art of staying with your winning trades.

With a full online support manual - it's a whole new approach to option trading - one you can't afford to ignore if you hope to prosper in this exciting trading arena.