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Utopia Is Creepy: And Other Provocations

Utopia Is Creepy: And Other Provocations

Nicholas Carr

ISBN: 978-0-393-35474-4

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224 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A freewheeling, sharp-shooting indictment of a tech-besotted culture.

Carr draws on artists ranging from Walt Whitman to the Clash, while weaving in the latest findings from science and sociology. Carr's favorite targets are those zealots who believe so fervently in computers and data that they abandon common sense. Cheap digital tools do not make us all the next Fellini or Dylan. Social networks, diverting as they may be, are not vehicles for self-enlightenment. And "likes" and retweets are not going to elevate political discourse. Utopia Is Creepy compels us to question the technological momentum that has trapped us in its flow. "Resistance is never futile," argues Carr, and this book delivers the proof.