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Sir Thomas More, H. V. S. Ogden (Edited and translated by)

ISBN: 978-0-882-95062-4

Jan 1991, Wiley-Blackwell

96 pages

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Enduring lessons for leaders of any era

Utopia is Thomas More's seminal work describing the classic idea of a ""people's commonwealth"". Considered an important work for anyone holding or aspiring to a leadership role, this story set the bar for a broad range fields, providing the societal model for both real and fictional settings. Although written in 1516 during the Reformation, its lessons retain great value today — while the word ""utopia"" itself has become a shorthand for ""unrealistic"", the actual framework described in the book presents a far more practical vision.



Part 1 Introduction: More's Utopia in Historical Perspective 1

Texts 3

Contexts 26

Developments 51

Part 2 Utopia 81

Letter from Peter Giles to Hierome Buslide 202

A Meter of Four Verses 205

A Short Meter of Utopia 206

Gerard Noviomage of Utopia 206

Cornelius Graphey to the Reader 207

The Printer to the Reader 207

Ralph Robynson's Dedicatory Letter to William Cecil 209

Selected Bibliography 213

Index 225