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VBA For Dummies, 5th Edition

VBA For Dummies, 5th Edition

John Paul Mueller

ISBN: 978-0-470-04650-0

Jan 2007

484 pages

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VBA helps you put your computer in its place

Write programs that automate tasks and make Office 2007 work better for you

If your computer is becoming your boss instead of your servant, start using VBA to tell it what to do! Here's the latest on the VBA IDE and program containers, debugging and controlling your programs, working with multiple applications using a single program, and the most exciting stuff -- programming for all the Office 2007 applications.

Discover how to

  • Customize an application's interface
  • Quick-launch a VBA program
  • Store and modify information
  • Use VBA with the Ribbon
  • Understand object-oriented programming
  • Avoid runtime errors

Introduction 1

Part I: An Overview of VBA 7

Chapter 1: Getting to Know VBA 9

Chapter 2: Your First VBA Program 33

Part II: Learning the Ropes 49

Chapter 3: Writing Structured VBA Programs 51

Chapter 4: Storing and Modifying Information 79

Chapter 5: Creating Structured Programs 111

Chapter 6: Trapping Errors and Squashing Bugs 133

Chapter 7: Interacting with the User 155

Part III: Expanding Your VBA Horizons 179

Chapter 8: Object-Oriented Programming 181

Chapter 9: Working with Arrays and Collections 205

Chapter 10: Working with Disk Files 229

Chapter 11: VBA Programming with XML 239

Part IV: Programming for Applications 255

Chapter 12: VBA Programming in Office 257

Chapter 13: VBA Programming in Word 277

Chapter 14: VBA Programming in Excel 305

Chapter 15: VBA Programming in Access 329

Chapter 16: Applications that Work Together 355

Part V: The Part of Tens 379

Chapter 17: Ten Kinds of VBA Resources 381

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Update Your Old VBA Code Quickly 389

On the Web

Bonus Chapter 1: VBA Programming in FrontPage BC1

Bonus Chapter 2: VBA Programming in Visio BC25

Bonus Chapter 3: Ten Really Cool Things You Can Do with VBA BC43

Index 397

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