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VIX Options and Futures: How to Trade Volatility for Profit



VIX Options and Futures: How to Trade Volatility for Profit

Peter Lusk

ISBN: 978-1-118-63366-3 April 2013


Run Time: 40 minutes.

"Finally, a series built by the premier options education source, designed to help traders at all levels."

What is the climate of the market right now? Look no further than the VIX, the CBOE Volatility Index, which is a measure of 30-day implied volatility. Created in 1993 by the CBOE & Duke University, the goal of the VIX is to trade and hedge against changing implied volatility.

Futures and options on the VIX have unique characteristics and price behavior. As an advanced trader, you need to know how they differ and how they can be traded properly. Peter Lusk, instructor at The Options Institute at the CBOE, will walk you all the way from the history of these trading vehicles to case studies illustrating their effectiveness.

Let Peter give you:

  • A clear-cut explanation of the VIX and how it relates to the broader market;
  • Numerous case studies showcasing the VIX Index, VIX futures, and VIX options;
  • VIX futures versus the VIX Index, and how you can use the expectations of the futures to your benefit;
  • What the key differences are between VIX futures and VIX options and how can you optimize each; and
  • A detailed look at VIX futures spreads and how you can exploit this strategy for profit.

With a comprehensive online manual included, Peter will simplify and demystify trading VIX futures and options for you. Start reaping the benefits of volatility today.