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Vaccine Adjuvants and Delivery Systems



Vaccine Adjuvants and Delivery Systems

Manmohan Singh (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-13492-4 August 2007 416 Pages

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The authoritative reference on recent developments in vaccinology

New technologies, including recombinant protein and DNA, have sparked phenomenal progress in vaccine development and delivery systems. This unique resource brings scientists up to date on recent advances and provides the information they need to select candidate adjuvants. With chapters written by leading experts in their fields, Vaccine Adjuvants and Delivery Systems:

* Provides a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving field and developing formulation methods

Covers cutting-edge technologies and gives the current status of adjuvants in clinical trials and those still in the pre-clinical stage

Includes detailed information on specific vaccine adjuvants, including MF59, TLR4 agonists, new iscoms, cytokines, polyphosphazenes, and more

Provides a historical perspective on the development of vaccine adjuvants and discusses the mechanisms of adjuvant actions

Covers some novel adjuvants and delivery systems and the safety evaluation of adjuvants

A great reference for researchers, scientists, and students in vaccinology, biotechnology, immunology, and molecular biology, this resource is also valuable for researchers and scientists in veterinary medicine who work to prevent diseases in animals.

Contributors vii

Preface ix

1 Development of Vaccine Adjuvants: A Historical Perspective 1
Gary Ott and Gary Van Nest

2 Antigen Processing and Presentation 33
Subash Sad

3 Mechanisms of Adjuvant Action 53
Nils Lycke

4 Aluminum-Containing Adjuvants: Properties, Formulation, and Use 81
Stanley L. Hem and Harm HogenEsch

5 MF59: A Safe and Potent Oil-in-Water Emulsion Adjuvant 115
Derek T. O’Hagan and Manmohan Singh

6 TLR4 Agonists as Vaccine Adjuvants 131
David A. Johnson and Jory R. Baldridge

7 Immunostimulatory CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides as Vaccine Adjuvants 157
Dennis M. Klinman, Debbie Currie, and Hidekazu Shirota

8 Small Molecule Immunopotentiators as Vaccine Adjuvants 175
Fengfeng Xu, Nicholas M. Valiante, and Jeffrey B. Ulmer

9 New ISCOMs Meet Unsettled Vaccine Demands 191
Bror Morein, Kefei Hu, Karin Lövgren, and Erik D’Hondt

10 Surface-Charged Poly(lactide-co-glycolide) Microparticles as Novel Antigen Delivery Systems 223
Manmohan Singh, James Chesko, Jina Kazzaz, Mildred Ugozolli, Padma Malyala, and Derek T. O’Hagan

11 Liposomal Cytokines and Liposomes Targeted to Co-Stimulatory Molecules as Adjuvants for HIV
Subunit Vaccines 249
Bulent Ozpolat and Lawrence B. Lachman

12 Archaeosome Vaccine Adjuvants for Cross-Priming CD8+T-Cell Immunity 263
Lakshmi Krishnan and G. Dennis Sprott

13 Mucosal Adjuvants and Delivery Systems 295
Michael Vajdy

14 Cytokines as Vaccine Adjuvants 327
Nejat K. Egilmez

15 Polyphosphazenes as Vaccine Adjuvants 355
Alexander K. Andrianov

16 Vaccine Delivery by Transdermal Electroporation 379
Amit Misra

17 Nonclinical Safety Assessment of Vaccines and the Evaluation of Novel Adjuvants and Delivery Systems 403
Jose A. Lebron, Jayanthi J. Wolf, Catherine V. Kaplanski, and Brian J. Ledwith

18 Safety Evaluation of Vaccine Adjuvants 421
Erik B. Lindblad

Index 445

"This book is very useful for understanding vaccines and their delivery systems." (Doody's Health Services)