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Valorization of Biomass Based Waste Streams

Valorization of Biomass Based Waste Streams

István T. Horváth, László T. Mika

ISBN: 978-1-119-25496-6

Apr 2018

384 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Biomass-based waste streams have many valuable components; the conservation of their carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms in value-added chemicals is a novel approach of waste utilization and management, resulting in a paradigm shift in storage and utilization of agricultural residues and food-waste streams.

Valorization of Biomass-based Waste Streams provides fundamental scientific knowledge concerning the valorization of agricultural residues and food wastes. The identification and characterization of potential agricultural and food waste streams including composition, total annual volume, distribution and availability are addressed, followed by discussions on separation and pre-treatment technologies, which are crucial steps in the valorization chain. The production of various platform molecules and their mixtures by different conversion technologies are presented, with a special emphasis on biochemical or chemical transformations. To support the development of viable technological options, the relevant engineering aspects as well as environmental and economic sustainability of the most attractive processes are considered.

Topics covered include:
• Identification and characterization of agricultural and food waste streams.
• The separation of cellulose and lignin
• Gasification processes of biomass wastes
• Pyrolysis, partial oxidation, steam gasification and reduction
• Conversion and utilization of biooils
• Conversion of nitrogen and sulfur containing molecules
• Engineering aspects of biomass valorization

This book will be a valuable resource for students in chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental science and engineering, and energy engineering, as well as researchers and industry professionals with an interest in biomass-based production of chemicals.