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Valuation : What Assets Are Really Worth



Valuation : What Assets Are Really Worth

Alfred M. King

ISBN: 978-0-471-34983-9 November 2001 320 Pages

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"No one has a clearer understanding of valuation than does Al King. He knows the nuts and bolts of this subject, as well as its intricacies, because he has practiced his profession on the factory floor, in the boardroom, and in the courtroom. The mathematics of valuation is easy to understand. Applying the underlying principles to the ever-growing myriad of business assets and issues is very difficult. Only a handful of valuation professionals have the breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to meet that challenge. The author of this book is one of them, and he conveys that experience in a readable style. He writes as he speaks- clearly and to the point. Anyone who wishes to understand the appraisal process as it pertains to business assets needs this book." --Gordon V. Smith, President, AUS Consultants
"Al King's Valuation: What Assets Are Really Worth aims to give the reader a deep understanding of what 'value' really means-and it succeeds brilliantly. King clearly explains why there is no single 'correct' value for many assets, using real-world examples to show that the intended purpose of a valuation must affect the result. Further, he offers examples of business problems (sometimes disasters!) caused by faulty understanding of value. Only someone with a truly deep understanding of the subject can explain it with such crystalline clarity." --Robert E. Esch, Retired Executive (General Management), Consultant, and President of Sarah Woods Traditions, Inc.
"What a wonderful, commonsense book for guys like me that covers the minefields of cost, price, and value. Every buyer or seller can gain many valuable insights from Al King's engaging book." --Thomas Swanston, Executive Vice President, Bassett Furniture Industries
"As usual, Al King has distilled a somewhat complicated area into commonsense business analysis that we can all relate to. His book is a very worthwhile read for professionals and business owners looking to better understand valuation in the broadest sense, as well as how it applies to their particular situation. I highly recommend taking the time to read this book." --Mark Santarsiero, President, Marshall & Stevens
"Al King has taken a complex topic and separated it into easily understandable components, which he highlights with meaningful examples. The result is a resource that attorneys, accountants, and business people in general can use frequently to explain to clients both the importance of 'valuation' and the concepts which define it." --Sari Ann Strasburg, Pepe & Hazard LLP
"Al King has put his long and vast experience in the field of valuation and accounting to use in Valuation: What Assets are Really Worth. He uses extensive examples to delineate differences between cost, price, and value. He then proposes that future debate should lead to disclosure and use of 'value' on a continuous basis. This book has been authored by a true expert in this field." --Frank C. Minter, CPA, Chair, Institute of Management Accountants
1. Cost, Value, and Price 1

2. Accounting for Value, Not Cost: Financial Reporting at the Crossroads 14

3. Investing for Value: Buying and Selling Assets 43

4. Adversarial Nature of Valuations: "Why Can't I Get A Higher (Lower) Answer?" 54

5. Cost Approach to Value 75

6. Income Approach to Value 91

7. Market Comparable Approach to Value 107

8. Can Value Information Be Objective and Independent? 129

9. What Will Happen in the Future? Why Assumptions Are Critical in the Valuation Process 142

10. Hiring an Appraiser; Reading an Appraisal Report 157

11. Providing Value Information to Shareholders and Analysts 169

12. Allocation of Purchase Price: Tangible Assets 180

13. Allocation of Purchase Price: Intangible Assets 200

14. Good Property Records Increase Value and Save Money  224

15. Don't Overpay Property Taxes! 249

16. Adopting SFAS 141 and SFAS 142 261

17. Valuing a Start-up Firm: Cheap Stock Options 275

Index 289