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Value-Creating Growth: How to Lift Your Company to the Next Level of Performance

Value-Creating Growth: How to Lift Your Company to the Next Level of Performance

Thomas L. Doorley III, John M. Donovan

ISBN: 978-0-787-94661-6 April 1999 Jossey-Bass 165 Pages


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When it comes to creating value for shareholders, customers, employees-for most everyone concerned-no company does it better than the company that grows. Now, in Value-Creating Growth, two acclaimed growth consultants distill twenty years of expertise into a practice-driven program any change leader can use to ensure sustained, dynamic growth for his or her organization. Packed with real-world examples, proven strategies, and a host of action-oriented tools, this is the first book that offers readers a systematic approach to transforming companies into first-class performers.
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Part One: Beginning the Journey.

1. Growth: The High-Performance Engine.

2. The Growth System: Three Cornerstones of Success.

3. Growth Commitment: The Will to Sustain Growth.

4. Growth Strategy: How To Build and Manage Your ValuableFormula.

5. Growth Capability: How To Build the Foundations for SustainedGrowth.

Part Two: Aligning the Enterprise.

6. The Growth Diagnostic: Your Growth Fitness.

7. The Growth Challenge: Transformation to GrowthInitiatives.

Part Three: Reaching the Destination.

8. When Growth Becomes Process: What Growth Looks Like.

9. Epilogue.

Appendix A: Notes on Methodology.

Appendix B: Growth Related Source Material.

Appendix C: Takeaways.


"Value-Creating Growth is a hard-hitting, plain-speaking volumethat answers the most critical question on the minds of businessleaders today: 'How can we grow and grow profitably?' A rigorousand practical guide to the best practices of profitable growth."--Richard E. Cavanagh, president and CEO, The ConferenceBoard

"Doorley gives away what most consultants would charge a fortunefor: Not just a consultation on why a growth strategy makes sense,but finely detailed, step-by-step instructions on how any sizebusiness can do it." --Robert J. Teufel, president, Rodale Press