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Value Investing in Real Estate

Gary W. Eldred

ISBN: 978-0-471-21129-7 August 2002 289 Pages


Secure a Prosperous Future by Applying the Tried-and-True Techniques of Value Investing to Income Properties

Value Investing in Real Estate outlines a safe and rewarding way to plan for your retirement and increase your income without the risks so common to the stock market. You'll learn how to buy real estate properties using Ben Graham's time-tested methods for evaluating investments. It's a proven way to build assets and income-a big payoff for relatively little time and effort.

This book proves the advantages of value investing in real estate as compared to stocks in terms of stability, yield, growth, and equity appreciation. Value Investing in Real Estate also guides readers through important topics such as identifying geographical areas of growth, population patterns, land use, market indicators, condos, townhouses, fixer-uppers, and conversions. It covers what you need to know about both value investing and the real estate market-and how to combine the two for high returns-all backed with examples that illustrate each concept and technique.

For the great majority of enterprising investors, value investing in real estate will prove superior to the stock market. Most importantly, you will gain far more income than the paltry dividends accruing from most stock portfolios. With this intelligent, highly readable book, you will see how the techniques of value investing in real estate can help you build the wealth and income you will need in the future.

Introduction: Rethink Your Financial Future.

Value Investing: The One Best Way.

The Case Against Stocks for Retirement.

The Case for Real Estate.

Real Estate Risks and Returns.

The Enterprising Investor.

The Ins and Outs of Market Value.

Is the Property a Good Buy?

Look Beyond Market Value.

Predict the Future.

Create Value Now.

Conclusion: You (Not Everybody) Ought to Be Rich.