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Values-Based Decision-Making for the Caring Professions


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Values-Based Decision-Making for the Caring Professions

Dr. David Seedhouse

ISBN: 978-0-470-84734-3 September 2005 184 Pages


We have lost sight of the vital symmetry between values and evidence. Values lie behind absolutely everything we do, yet we allow technical decision-making to dominate every social sphere, as if only ‘the evidence’ really matters.

In this extraordinarily original and compelling book, David Seedhouse advocates values-based decision-making as a much-needed means of restoring humane balance to social planning, and explains the innovative use of information technology to turn values into evidence.

The potential of values-based decision-making is huge and exciting. The final chapter of this seminal work points the way to a democratic future in which everyone’s values can be seen and heard, regardless of technical knowledge or social status.

Values-Based Decision-Making mostly uses examples drawn from the health field.  Like David Seedhouse’s many other books, it will be of considerable interest to all health professionals.  But values-based decision-making reaches into every arena of human problem-solving, and should therefore be read by everyone who makes plans on behalf of other people.

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Chapter One: The Limits of Reason.

Chapter Two: The Dominance of Values.


Chapter Three: The Truth about Relativism.

Chapter Four: How to Turn Values into Evidence.

Chapter Five: Goodbye Ethics Experts – The Democratic Promise of  Values-Based Decision-Making.




"…valuable as it allows the reader to closely examine the various methods by which decisions can be made…" (Doody's Health Services)
  • A realistic and practical guide to decision-making for all decision-makers
  • Outlines an innovative new decision-making device—the “values checker”
  • Explains simply and clearly five of the most common decision-making approaches
  • Extensively illustrated with accessible examples of direct clinical relevance
  • Written by an internationally renowned ethics scholar—the author of many books and articles and a popular speaker