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Vanadium in the Environment, 2 Part Set



Vanadium in the Environment, 2 Part Set

Jerome O. Nriagu (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-24907-8 March 1998 844 Pages


This two part volume in the Advances in Environmental Science and Technology series is organized and presented in the same manner as the successful Arsenic in the Environment books. The author has assembled an international panel of experts to address the effects of vanadium exposure on aquatic and terrestrial environments, on human health, and on wildlife, This monograph is the most up-to-date resource on the chemical and toxicological aspects of vanadium exposure available, and one of the few to explore this topic in a focused manner.
History, Occurrence, and Uses of Vanadium (J. Nriagu)

Emission of Vanadium into the Atmosphere (J. Nriagu & N. Pirrone)

Vanadium in the Atmosphere (Y. Mamane & N. Pirrone)

Chemistry of Relevance to Vanadium in the Environment (D. Crans, et al.)

High Vanadium Content in Mt

Fuji Groundwater and Its Relevance to the Ancient Biosphere (T. Hamada)

Water Quality Criteria for Vanadium with Reference to Impact Studies on Freshwater Teleost Nuria dendricus (Hamilton) (S. Abbasi)

Spectroscopic Methods for the Characterization of Vanadium Complexes (G. Micera & D. Sanna)

Bioaccumulation and Transfer of Vanadium in Marine Organisms (P. Miramand & S. Fowler)

Characterization of Vanadium in the Fan Worm Pseudopotamilla occelata (T. Ishii)

Selective Accumulation of Vanadium by Ascidians from Sea Water (H. Michibata & K. Kanamori)

Structure, Function, and Models of Biogenic Vanadium Compounds (D. Rehder & S. Jantzen)

Vanadium in Enzymes (R. Wever & W. Hemrika)

Catalytic Effects of Vanadium on Phosphoryl Transfer Enzymes (G. Mendz)

Energy Transduction Mechanisms as Affected by Vanadium(V) Species: Ca2+-Pumping in Sarcoplasmic Reticulum (M. Aureliano & V. Madeira)

Bioactivity of Vanadium Compounds on Cells in Culture (S. Etcheverry & A. Cortizo)