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Vascular Disease: Nursing and Management

Vascular Disease: Nursing and Management

Shelagh Murray

ISBN: 978-0-470-05992-0

Aug 2006

460 pages

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Caring for patients with vascular disease has always been a challenging and complex area of care for both nurses and other healthcare professionals. In the past, patients with vascular disease were cared for under the umbrella of ?general surgery?. There is now a clearer understanding of the need to provide specialist nursing to meet the needs of vascular patients. This book addresses all aspects of care and management for different vascular conditions and stages of the disease process that the nurse will encounter. Guidance is given in dealing with some of the very challenging aspects of vascular nursing such as pressure sore prevention, pain and wound management, as well as palliative care provision for patients with end stage vascular disease. It will help nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in caring for vascular patients to update and expand their knowledge of developments in conservative, radiological and surgical aspects of care. Shelagh Murray has drawn together the work of specialists who are experts within their field of practice, and the book covers all aspects of vascular nursing. Contents:

List of Contributors ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgements xiii

Chapter 1 Anatomy and Physiology of the Vascular System 1
Soraya Jones

Chapter 2 Aetiology and Pathology of Vascular Disease 32
Lindsey J. Okenden

Chapter 3 Promoting Health in Vascular Nursing 69
Belinda Litchfield

Chapter 4 Assessment of Patients with Vascular Disease 96
Nicola Stubbing and Janet Chesworth

Chapter 5 Challenges of Pressures Ulcer Prevention in Peripheral Vascular Disease 137
Krzysztof S. Gebhardt

Chapter 6 Pain Management in Vascular Disease 150
Lyn Ward

Chapter 7 Venous Disorders 168
Kathryn Vowden and Peter Vowden

Chapter 8 Leg Ulcers 200
Christine Moffatt

Chapter 9 Chronic Ischaemia 238
Shelagh Murray

Chapter 10 Critical Limb Ischaemia 270
Carolyn Nocton

Chapter 11 Lower Limb Amputation 313
Samantha Donohue and Penny Sutton-Woods

Chapter 12 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair 343
Frances Collins

Chapter 13 Carotoid Disease 369
Jill Arthur

Chapter 14 Wound Care in Vascular Disease 386
Jane Holden

Chapter 15 Palliative Care Provision for Vascular Patients 420
Louise M. Wilson

Index 429