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Vector Targeting for Therapeutic Gene Delivery

Vector Targeting for Therapeutic Gene Delivery

David T. Curiel (Editor), Joanne T. Douglas (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-23430-2

Mar 2003

710 pages


"...very informative and comprehensive...belongs on the shelf of every library and lab providing essential resources for research on vector design or delivery."

-Cancer Biology and Therapy

This comprehensive volume presents the most recent advances in target definition technology and provides a detailed overview on the rational design of targeted vectors for gene therapy. A theoretical framework for advanced vector design is provided that integrates all of the allied sciences relevant to the study of vector targeting. The text discusses the basic underlying science and then leads to discussions of the various viral vectors and methods of defining targets. Finally, an expert outlook on promising therapeutic applications is offered.




Alternative Strategies for Targeted Delivery of Nucleic Acid-Liposome Complexes (N. Templeton).

Targeted Gene Delivery via Lipidic Vectors (S. Li, et al.).

Immunoliposomes: A Targeted Delivery Tool for Cancer Treatment (K. Pirollo, et al.).

Receptor-Directed Gene Delivery Using Molecular Conjugates (A. Ziady & P. Davis).


Pseudotyping of Adenoviral Vectors (M. Havenga, et al.).

Targeting of Adenoviral Gene Therapy Vectors: The Flexibility of Chemical and Molecular Conjugation (H. Haisma & M. Rots).

Genetic Targeting of Adenoviral Vectors (T. Wickham).

Strategies to Alter the Tropism of Adenoviral Vectors via Genetic Capsid Modification (D. Curiel).

Conjugate-Based Targeting of Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors (S. Ponnazhagan, et al.).

Receptor Targeting of Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors (H. Buning, et al.).

Mechanisms of Retroviral Particle Maturation and Attachment (A. Miyanohara & T. Friedmann).

Targeting Retroviral Vectors Using Molecular Bridges (J. Young).

Genetic Targeting of Retroviral Vectors (D. Dingli & S. Russell).

Genetic Engineering of Targeted Retroviral Vectors (E. Gordon, et al.).

Targeting Measles Virus Entry (A. Hammond, et al.).

Targeting of Poliovirus Replicons to Neurons in the Central Nervous System (C. Morrow, et al.).

Generation of Safe, Targetable Sindbis Vectors that Have the Potential for Direct In Vivo Gene Therapy (D. Meruelo, et al.).

Redirecting the Tropism of HSV-1 for Gene Therapy Applications (Q. Bai, et al.).

Engineering Targeted Bacteriophage as Evolvable Vectors for Therapeutic Gene Delivery (D. Larocca & A. Baird).

Targeting Bacteriophage Vectors (I. Saggio).


Tumor/Tissue Selective Promoters (M. Fernandez & N. Lemoine).

Promoter Optimization and Artificial Promoters for Transcriptional Targeting in Gene Therapy (D. Nettelbeck, et al.).

Physiological Targeting (K. Binley).

Clostridium-Mediated Transfer of Therapeutic Proteins to Solid Tumors (P. Lambin, et al.).


Selection of Peptides on Phage (M. Barry, et al.).

Antibody Phage Display Libraries for Use in Therapeutic Gene Targeting (P. Rohrbach & S. Dubel).

Single-Chain Fv Fragments from Phage Display Libraries (R. Kontermann).

Retroviral Particle Display for Complex Glycosylated and Disulfide-Bonded Protein Domains (S. Kayman).

Cell Surface Display and Cytometric Screening for Protein Ligand Isolation and Engineering (P. Daugherty).


Monitoring Gene Therapy By Positron Emission Tomography (H. Herschman, et al.).

"…provides an excellent up-to-date account of the field…an excellent textbook or addition to the library of a student, researcher, teacher, and any library in general." (ASM News, April 2004)

“...provides a very comprehensive picture of the current state of selective targeting of gene therapy vectors....timely, well written, and informative....of value both to investigators within the gene therapy field and to other scientists who may be seeking an introduction to this exciting are of research.” (Pharmaceutical Research, Vol. 20, No. 12, December 2003)

"...very informative and comprehensive...belongs on the shelf of every library and lab providing essential resources for research on vector design or delivery." (Cancer Biology and Therapy)