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Venepuncture and Cannulation

Sarah Phillips (Editor), Mary Collins (Editor), Lisa Dougherty (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-14860-3 May 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 324 Pages


Venepuncture and cannulation are the most commonly performed invasive procedures in the UK, and are everyday procedures in health care practice. Venepuncture and Cannulation is a practical guide to these procedures. It assumes no prior knowledge and equips nurses and other health professionals with the clinical skills and knowledge they need in order to confidently perform venepuncture and cannulation in both hospital and community settings.
  • Explores relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Covers education and training, as well as legal and ethical issues
  • Considers potential complications, and patient perspectives
  • Provides guidance on the selection of the appropriate vein and equipment, and common blood tests

Foreword vi

Contributors viii

Introduction 1
Sarah Phillips and Mary Collins

1 Legal and Professional Issues 5
Lorraine Hyde

2 The Learning Experience 16
Sarah Phillips

3 Anatomy and Physiology 44
Mary Collins

4 Selection of Equipment 68
Mirjana Dojcinovska

5 Vein Selection 91
Barbara Witt

6 Infection Control and Risk Management 108
Sarah Hart

7 Procedures for Venepuncture and Cannulation 131
Annie de Verteuil

8 Complications 175
Wendy Morris

9 Introduction to Routine Blood Tests, Normal Values and Relevance to Clinical Practice 223
Andrea Blay

10 Patient’s Perspective 281
Lisa Dougherty

Webliography 297

Glossary 298

Index 304

"It provides a comprehensive overview of practice and underlying theory, integrated with details of patient experience." (Independent Nurse, 18 July 2011)


* Practical evidence-based guide which assumes no prior knowledge
* Provides nurses with the skills and knowledge to perform procedures safely and effectively
* Explores choice of vein and selection of appropriate equipment
* Addresses risk management , infection control and potential complications
* Examines common blood tests
* Includes clinical guidelines and real-life scenarios
* Provides an essential companion to ‘Intravenous therapy'