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Venture Capital For Dummies

Nicole Gravagna, Peter K. Adams

ISBN: 978-1-118-78470-9 August 2013 360 Pages


Secure venture capital? Easy.

Getting a business up and running or pushing a brilliant product to the marketplace requires capital. For many entrepreneurs, a lack of start-up capital can be the single biggest roadblock to their dreams of success and fortune. Venture Capital For Dummies takes entrepreneurs step by step through the process of finding and securing venture capital for their own projects.

  • Find and secure venture capital for your business
  • Get your business up and running
  • Push a product to the marketplace

If you're an entrepreneur looking for hands-on guidance on how to secure capital for your business, the information in Venture Capital For Dummies gives you the edge you need to succeed.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Venture Capital  5

Chapter 1: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Venture Capital Basics 7

Chapter 2: The Venture Capitalist Mindset 17

Chapter 3: Is Working with a VC Right for You? 33

Chapter 4: Alternatives to Venture Capital Funding 45

Chapter 5: Connecting with Investors Online and Face to Face 65

Part II: Becoming Attractive to Venture Capitalists 85

Chapter 6: Positioning Your Company for Funding 87

Chapter 7: Cultivating Relationships 111

Chapter 8: Providing an Exit Strategy 131

Part III: Getting Your Ducks in a Row: Deal Design and Due Diligence  149

Chapter 9: Structuring Pre-VC Deals 151

Chapter 10: Leading the Risk Conversation 173

Chapter 11: Telling Your Valuation Story 195

Chapter 12: Negotiating Your Terms 211

Part IV: Pitching to Investors 235

Chapter 13: Due Diligence: Preparation and Fundamentals 237

Chapter 14: Planning Your Pitch 261

Chapter 15: Visualizing the Deal: Creating Your Pitch Deck 275

Chapter 16: Show Time! Making Your Presentation 299

Chapter 17: If at First You Don’t Succeed — and Even If You Do — Try, Try Again 309

Part V: The Part of Tens 321

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Lose a Deal 323

Chapter 19: Ten Places and People That Can Lead You to a VC 327

Index 331