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Venus and Mars: Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and Solar Wind Interactions

Venus and Mars: Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and Solar Wind Interactions

Janet G. Luhmann (Editor), Mariella Tatrallyay (Editor), Robert O. Pepin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66384-4 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 430 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 66.

During the week of June 4-8, 1990, a Chapman Conference on Venus and Mars: Atmospheres, Ionospheres and Solar Wind Interactions was held at Balatonfüred, Hungary. The meeting was coorganized by J. G. Luhmann and M. Tatrallyay, under the auspices of the AGU and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Aprroximately 85 participants attended some 72 presentations in oral and poster form. The topics on which the sessions focused included atmosphere evolution, present atmospheres, exospheres and ionospheres, solar wind interactions, and past and future missions. The international and multidisciplinary makeup of the audience provided the basis for a wide range of discussions and brought out a number of remaining controversies and questions to be answered by future research.

Foreword xi

J. G. Luhmann and M. Tatrallyay xiii


1. Evolution of the Atmospheres of Venus and Mars
D. M. Hunten 1

2. Chemistry of Atmosphere-Surface Interactions on Venus and Mars
B. Fegley, Jr. and A. H. Treiman 7

3. The Evidences of Waves in the Atmospheres of Venus and Mars
A. Seitf, R. E. Young, R. Haberle, and H. Houben 73

4. Properties of Thermospheric Gravity Waves on Earth, Venus and Mars
H. G. Mayr, I. Harris, and W. D. Pesnell 91

5. Far Ultraviolet Remote Sensing of Venus and Mars
L. J. Paxton and D.E. Anderson 113

6. Airglow and Aurora in the Atmospheres of Venus and Mars
J. L. Fox 191


7. The Pioneer Venus Mission
C. T. Russell 225

8. The Venus Ionosphere from In Situ Measurements
W. C. Knudsen 237

9. Radio Occultation Observations of the Ionospheres of Mars and Venus
A. J. Kliore 265

10. Ionospheric Models for Venus and Mars
T. E. Cravens 277

11. An Interpretation of the Large Scale Ionospheric Magnetic Fields and the Altitude
Distribution of the Ionospheric Plasma on the Dayside of Venus and Mars
A. M. Krymskii 289

12. The Solar Wind Interaction with Mars: A Review of Results from Early Soviet Missions to Mars
O. L. Vaisberg 311

13. The Plasma Environment of Mars: Phobos Mission Results
A. V. Zakharov 327

14. Computer Modeling of Solar Wind Interaction with Venus and Mars
J. R. Spreiter and S. S. Stahara 345


15. The Solar Wind Interaction with Mars Over the Solar Cycle: A Post-PHOBOS View
T. K. Breus 387

16. A Synthesis of Measured and Deduced Properties of Pickup Ions in the Venus-Solar Wind Interaction
K. R. Moore and D. J. McComas 405

17. Solar Wind Effects on Atmosphere Evolution at Venus and Mars
J. G. Luhmann and S. J. Bauer 417