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Verpacktes Leben - Verpackte Technik: Bionik der Verpackung

Verpacktes Leben - Verpackte Technik: Bionik der Verpackung

Udo Küppers, Helmut Tributsch

ISBN: 978-3-527-62596-3 August 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 274 Pages




The first book to cover this innovative topic provides readers with the laws and products applied in modern-day packaging technology before using numerous fascinating illustrations to show proven packaging solutions found in nature.
The authors formulate strategies and concrete action plans for using biological examples and bionic methodologies to solve and prevent current technical problems. The whole has but one overriding aim: sustainable development while balancing economic and environmental concerns. The goal is to motivate student and professional engineers to take more interest in the natural biological solutions and to systematically learn from these examples.
Packaging network
Borderline packaging: Key element for living processes
Packaged life: Packaging examples from nature
Bionics in packaging
Organization management in packaging bionics
Globalization of packaging waves: Breaking proven natural laws of sustainability
Conclusion and outlook