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Vibration Analysis for Electronic Equipment, 3rd Edition

Vibration Analysis for Electronic Equipment, 3rd Edition

Dave S. Steinberg

ISBN: 978-0-471-37685-9 July 2000 440 Pages


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This book deals with the analysis of various types of vibration environments that can lead to the failure of electronic systems or components.

Preface xvii

List of Symbols xix

1 Introduction 1

2 Vibrations of Simple Electronic Systems 17

3 Component Lead Wire and Solder Joint Vibration Fatigue Life 39

4 Beam Structures for Electronic Subassemblies 56

5 Component Lead Wires as Bents, Frames, and Arcs 75

6 Printed Circuit Boards and Flat Plates 103

7 Octave Rule, Snubbing, and Damping to Increase the PCB Fatigue Life 150

8 Preventing Sinusoidal Vibration Failures in Electronic Equipment 166

9 Designing Electronics for Random Vibration 188

10 Acoustic Noise Effects on Electronic 234

11 Designing Electronics for Shock Environments 248

12 Design and Analysis of Electronic Boxes 300

13 Effects of Manufacturing Methods on the Reliability of Electronics 330

14 Vibration Fixtures and Vibration Testing 346

15 Environmental Stress Screening for Electronic Equipment (ESSEE) 379

Bibliography 401

Index 405