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Vibration Damping

Vibration Damping

Ahid D. Nashif, David I. G. Jones, John P. Henderson

ISBN: 978-0-471-86772-2 March 1985 480 Pages


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A practical approach to the application of viscoelastic damping materials to control vibration and noise problems in industrial structures, machinery, computer machinery, and vehicles. Assuming a basic understanding of mechanical engineering, the text covers implementation of theory, including material properties, dynamic structural response, design procedures and practical applications. Based on an understanding of both the properties of materials and the vibrational response of structures. Considers individual structures and the damping materials properties simultaneously. Includes extensive collection of data sheets for a large number of useful damping materials.
Fundamental Concepts in Structural Dynamics.

Characterization of Damping in Structures and Materials.

Behavior and Typical Properties of Damping Materials.

Modeling of Structural Response of Damped Systems.

Discrete Damping Devices.

Surface Damping Techniques.

Design Data Sheets.