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Video Marketing For Dummies

Video Marketing For Dummies

Kevin Daum, Bettina Hein, Matt Scott, Andreas Goeldi

ISBN: 978-1-118-24048-9

Apr 2012

408 pages


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Savvy advice for adding video to your marketing plan

Video marketing is rapidly gaining popularity in online marketing and this fun-but-practical guide presents you with all aspects of video marketing from planning to production to distribution. You'll learn how to create a video strategy, produce an effective video, put it online, and get your video to the right consumers so you can help your business succeed. The author team has vast experience in video creation and marketing and explores ten video campaigns so you can learn from their successes and challenges.

  • Offers an overview of the video marketing process, how to build it into an existing marketing plan, and create a video outline
  • Covers the necessary steps for creating the video, from scripting to shooting to editing
  • Walks you through the process of sharing video on a company site, social site, or other hosts and then draw the right audience
  • Details the new frontiers of video marketing including mobile video and measuring results

Featuring invaluable advice for creating an effective video marketing campaign, Video Marketing For Dummies is essential reading on this marketing trend.

Introduction 1

Part I: Creating Effective Marketing Videos 7

Chapter 1: Video Marketing from the Ground Up 9

Chapter 2: Integrating Video into Your Marketing 19

Chapter 3: Choosing Types and Styles of Marketing Videos 35

Chapter 4: Scripting the Right Message 47

Part II: Preparing for Production 69

Chapter 5: Producing a Marketing Video on a Budget 71

Chapter 6: Finding the Perfect Location to Shoot 85

Chapter 7: Assembling Your Cast and Crew 99

Chapter 8: Making It Legal: Crossing the T's and Dotting the I's 117

Part III: Shooting Your Video 131

Chapter 9: Gearing Up 133

Chapter 10: Let There Be Light 149

Chapter 11: Sounds Good: Getting Great Audio 157

Chapter 12: Conducting the Big Shoot 169

Part IV: Editing and Polishing Your Video 189

Chapter 13: Choosing Your Editing Software 191

Chapter 14: Planning First, Cutting Second 209

Chapter 15: Working with Music and Other Audio 231

Chapter 16: Adding Titles and Visual Effects 249

Part V: Posting and Promoting Your Video 265

Chapter 17: Sharing Your Video on YouTube and Other Platforms 267

Chapter 18: Incorporating Marketing Videos into Your Website 287

Chapter 19: Promoting Your Video with Social Media 303

Chapter 20: Using Search Engine Optimization and Paid Ads 319

Chapter 21: Measuring Results and Improving Your Video 337

Part VI: The Part of Tens 351

Chapter 22: Ten Video Marketing Don'ts 353

Chapter 23: Ten Nonmarketing Uses for Business Video 359

Chapter 24: Ten Video Marketing Resources 363

Index 371

Chapter 2 -- Print/Video Integration Sample
Chapter 8 -- Sample legal documents
Chapter 10 -- Natural lighting examples
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