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Violence, Crime and Mentally Disordered Offenders: Concepts and Methods for Effective Treatment and Prevention



Violence, Crime and Mentally Disordered Offenders: Concepts and Methods for Effective Treatment and Prevention

Sheilagh Hodgins (Editor), Rüdiger Müller-Isberner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-97727-8 June 2000 256 Pages


The mentally disordered criminal is a public nightmare, and themanagement of these offenders can be driven as much by politicaland economic concerns as by scientific evidence and professionaljudgement within the fields of mental health and correctionservices. This book aims to provide a critical and focused reviewof knowledge and best practice in this field for mental health andcorrection professionals and for those concerned with policy andmanagement of services for these offenders.

Mentally disordered offenders include offenders who suffer fromschizophrenia, major affective disorders, personality disorders(including psychopathy), brain damage, and mental retardation. Thetopic is of increasing importance because of the growth ofcommunity psychiatry, and the growing community programmes foroffenders, and also because of the growing pressures on thoseinstitutions which deal with offenders and care for the mentallydisordered or disabled. Professionals in these fields will welcomethis book which:
* Provides a review of approaches to treatment, accessible to awide mental health and forensic readership
* Relates treatment approaches to specific mental problems, andreviews evidence of effectiveness
* features a truly international group of authors bringing togethera wide variety of approaches, scientific research, and practicalexperience of important programmes for treatment and prevention
"Few recent texts provide both the depth and breadth necessary tounderstand the vexing behaviour of mentally disordered offenders.Drs Hodgins and Muller-Isberner, a remarkable pairing of researchand clinical expertise, have put together a highly readable andsuperb resource for anyone interested in this interface of seriousmental illness and criminal behavior. The authors of theconstituent chapters are leading authorities in their respectiveareas and have provided thoughtful commentary on the most recentinternational literature. This is a first-rate treatment of arapidly growing and fascinating field." Marvin Swartz, DukeUniversity, USA

About the editors ix

List of contributors xi

Series editors’ preface xiii

Preface xvii

Introduction 1

1 Evidence-based treatment for mentally disordered offenders 7
Rudiger Muller-Isberner and Sheilagh Hodgins

2 Offenders with brain damage 39
Norbert Nedopil

3 Personality disordered offenders: conceptualization, assessment and diagnosis of personality disorder 63
Heather Burke and Stephen D. Hart

4 Psychopathic offenders 87
Stephen Wong

5 Offenders with schizophrenia 113
Joseph D. Bloom and William H. Wilson

6 Offenders with major affective disorders 131
Derek Eaves, George Tien and Derek Wilson

7 Pharmacological treatments for psychotic offenders 153
Leslie Citrome and Jan Volavka

8 Pharmacological treatments for personality disordered offenders 177
Jari Tiihonen

9 Community-based treatment programmes 193
Kirk Heilbrun and Lori Peters

10 Conclusion 217
Sheilagh Hodgins

Index 229

.."It is an excellent book, summarising current knowledge about awide range of treatments."...
(British Journal of Psychiatry, October 2001)

"..the content of the book is just as impressive as itssize..start by reading this book." (Criminal Justice, Vol.1.No.2)

"...a comprehensive overview of both evidence andpractice..." (Legal & Criminological Psychology, September2002)