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Virtual Manufacturing

Virtual Manufacturing

ISBN: 978-0-471-35443-7

Mar 2001

344 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Bridges the gap between virtual reality and computer vision in manufacturing
What will it take to make virtual manufacturing a reality? In this groundbreaking book, leading VR researchers reveal the latest findings in key areas that are driving the development of this revolutionary new technology. In addition to workcell management, real-time exact collision detection, motion modeling, avatar modeling, and virtual-real environment interaction in training, Virtual Manufacturing explores camera self-calibration, stereo vision, and other connections between VR and computer vision. These connections enable automation techniques that can expedite the creation of virtual environments.
Introducing virtual manufacturing, illustrating applications, and highlighting research issues, this cutting-edge volume:
* Presents principles of computer graphics, virtual reality, depth extraction, and shape reconstruction
* Develops numerous virtual manufacturing applications
* Features a color insert with screen shots of applications
The first book to cover what may be the most significant development in manufacturing since the assembly line, Virtual Manufacturing is must reading for researchers, engineers, and scientists working in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and computer science as well as for students and academics in these areas.

Introduction to Virtual Manufacturing and Automation.

Principles of Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics and Geometrical Transformations.

Principles of Virtual Reality.

Telemetry-Based Depth Recovery.

Viewpoint-Based Shape Recovery from Multiple Views.

Hybrid Tracking for Manufacturing Systems Automation.

Exact Collision Detection.

Motion Modeling.

Telecollaborative Virtual Manufacturing Architecture.

Specialized Room Airflow Design Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Virtual Reality.

Appendix A1: B-Spline Curve Fitting.

Appendix A2: Pseudoinverse Method for Overdetermined Systems of Linear Equations.

Appendix A3: Introduction to Kalman Filtering.

Appendix A4: Kalman Filter for Hand and Head Tracking.

Appendix A5: Virtual Reality Modeling Language.