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Virtual Teams: People Working Across Boundaries with Technology, 2nd Edition

Virtual Teams: People Working Across Boundaries with Technology, 2nd Edition

Jessica Lipnack, Jeffrey Stamps

ISBN: 978-0-470-43895-4 September 2008 352 Pages




Praise for the First Edition of Virtual Teams

""If you want to see where organizational communications are going in the future, heed what these pioneers have written today.""
—Howard Rheingold, author, The Virtual Community, and founder, Electric Mind

""Lipnack and Stamps have written an important book for the twenty-first-century corporation.""
—Regis McKenna, The McKenna Group, author, Relationship Marketing

""This book provides a long overdue perspective on how to apply the discipline of real teams in the fast-moving, increasingly dispersed information age of the future.""
—Jon R. Katzenbach, author, The Wisdom of Teams

""For those who want to lead the movement, catch up with it, or simply know where it is going, this book is packed with useful information and interesting stories.""
—Dee W. Hock, founder and chairman emeritus, VISA

""Virtual Teams provides valuable insights into global teamwork and management through network technologies now available to all companies, large or small.""
—Jim Lynch, director, corporate quality, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

List of Illustrations xxi

Introduction xxiii

Chapter 1 Why 1

The Way to Work

Shapeshifters 2

eSun 8

How It Feels 11

The Virtue of Virtual 15

Growth 22

Chapter 2 Networks 27

From Tribes to Networks

It’s Official 27

The Networked Community 28

What’s Old, What’s New? 35

Network the Ages 40

Managing 43

The New 44

Personally Speaking 46

Chapter 3 Teams 47 

Toward the Twenty-Second Century

Our Company Never Closes 47

Team 101 55

Four Ages of Small 58

Crossing Boundaries 62

The People Boundary 66

Chapter 4 69

Trust Virtual Relationships

Benefits 69

Two Paths, Two Societies 71

New Gold 78

Capital Across the Ages 82

Creating Social Capital 85

Chapter 5 93

Place Home Is Where the Site Is

Sun’s Corporate DNA 93

Moving from Place to Place 102

Two Places 111

Chapter 6 115

Time The Virtual Pulse

Dimensions 115

On the Wings of a Big Bid 115

Five Phases of Flight 123

Life Cycle 125

Together and Apart 130

Stretching Time 134

Chapter 7 137

Purpose Why We Work

Turning Hierarchy on Its Side 137

Authority 145

Why Cooperate? 149

Discovering Purpose 152

Chapter 8 161

People On the Ice Together

“All of Us Smarter than Any of Us” 162

Reinventing Government 164

Stress 169

Members 173

Leaders 175

Levels 180

Chapter 9 187

Links Being in Touch

Connecting across Centuries 187

Circa 2086 189

Four Ages of Media 196

Atoms and Bits 202

Communicating 208

Chapter 10 211

Launch Do It Yourself

Your Journey 212

Seven Steps 214

Play It Again, Sam 225

Chapter 11 227

Navigate Course Correction for Cyberspace

The Virtual Team Room 228

Holding the Whole 234

Chapter 12 239

Theory A System Science of Virtual Teams

The Periodic Table 240

Pattern Language for Virtual Teams 243

Systems 249

Smart Teams 253

Chapter 13 255

Think Reaching for Possibilities Together

Mind 255

How Groups Think 260

Group Reality 265

A Place to Think 268

Learning 271

Chapter 14 273


Star Maker 273

Searching for Intelligence 275

At the Frontier 277

Islands of Trust 279

The Biological Internet 282

Notes 285

About the Authors 301

Index 303