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Virtual and Networked Organizations: Organizations 07.03



Virtual and Networked Organizations: Organizations 07.03

Philippa Collins

ISBN: 978-1-841-12220-5 April 2002 Capstone 128 Pages


Fast track route to understanding the scope and variety of virtual organisations, and the impact of information and communications technologies on the way we do business

Covers the key areas of virtual organisations, from using Internet and wireless technologies to streamline your supply chain and working practices to e-learning and adapting your management style to meet the new challenges

Examples and lessons from some of the world's most successful businesses, including Lands End, HSBC, Manugistics and BT, and ideas from the smartest thinkers, including Eddie Obeng, Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps

Includes a glossary of key concepts and a comprehensive resources guide

Introduction to ExpressExec v

07.03.01 Introduction: Why go Virtual? 1

07.03.02 Defining Virtual and Networked Organizations 5

07.03.03 Evolution 13

07.03.04 The E-Dimension 25

07.03.05 The Global Dimension 39

07.03.06 State of the Art 51

07.03.07 Success Stories 65

07.03.08 Key Concepts 83

07.03.09 Resources 95

07.03.10 Guidelines to Going Virtual 103

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 115

Acknowledgements 117

Index 119