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Vision aided video compression and coding

Vision aided video compression and coding

Manoranjan Paul

ISBN: 978-1-119-27633-3

Jan 2020

400 pages

Select type: E-Book


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With the potential to get another 50% compression against the current standard, this book will bring together computer vision, video coding technology and human-computer interaction. Written from the perspective of how computer vision and human computer interaction (HCI) can help coding, it will describe video coding technologies, starting from 2D methods, via stereo and multi-view coding, up to free viewpoint coding methods. Each of these areas is described in a separate chapter, where state-of-the-art methods and current standards are described first. Then, new technologies, e.g. perception-based, feedback-inclusion and other novel coding methods are described. In addition, a chapter on future trends will focus on new methods for big data and hyperspectral image compression.