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Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies

Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies

Bill Sempf

ISBN: 978-0-470-18238-3

Mar 2008

384 pages

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Visual Basic is a favorite programming language, so if you’re new to programming, it’s a great place to start. Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies is the fun and easy way to begin creating applications right away while you get the hang of using the Visual Studio environment. Soon you’ll be building all sorts of useful stuff with VB 2008!

This step-by-step guide walks you through a logical series of tasks that build your skills as you get comfortable with .Net terminology, theory, tools, and design principles. You’ll learn how to build an application in four different architectural styles, and you’ll find out how to make your programs validate input and output, make decisions, and protect themselves from security threats. Discover how to:

  • Install the Visual Studio environment
  • Write a VB program
  • Use Web forms, Windows forms, and Web services
  • Establish good programming practices
  • Create class libraries
  • Write secure applications
  • Debug your applications
  • Work with strings and “if-then” statements
  • Iterate with counted and nested loops
  • Pass arguments and get return values
  • Access data with VB.NET
  • Work with the file system using VB

You’ll also find great tips for working with the VB user interface, using VB.NET in C# programming, troubleshooting your VB programs, taking your programming to the next level, and more! Once you get your hands on Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies, you’ll be programming like a genius in no time!

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting to Know .NET Using Visual Basic 9

Chapter 1: Wading into Visual Basic 11

Chapter 2: Using Visual Studio 2008 23

Chapter 3: Designing Applications in VB 2008 43

Part II: Building Applications with VB 2008 59

Chapter 4: Building Windows Applications 61

Chapter 5: Building Web Applications 83

Chapter 6: Building Class Libraries 107

Chapter 7: Building Web Services 123

Chapter 8: Debugging in VB 2008 139

Part III: Making Your Programs Work 155

Chapter 9: Interpreting Strings and Things 157

Chapter 10: Making Decisions in Code 175

Chapter 11: Getting Loopy 187

Chapter 12: Reusing Code 197

Chapter 13: Making Arguments, Earning Returns 219

Part IV: Digging into the Framework 237

Chapter 14: Writing Secure Code 239

Chapter 15: Accessing Data 253

Chapter 16: Working with the File System 271

Chapter 17: Accessing the Internet 283

Chapter 18: Creating Images 297

Part V: The Part of Tens 309

Chapter 19: Ten Tips for Using the VB User Interface 311

Chapter 20: Ten Ideas for Taking Your Next Programming Step 325

Chapter 21: Ten Resources on the Internet 337

Index 343

Sample Code
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There are a lot of questions about Visual Basic.NET 2005 For Dummies and Visual Basic.NET 2008 For Dummies and the use of Northwind for the samples. At the time of publication Northwind was still a common sample database for SQL Server, however it has been totally replaced by AdventureWorks. However, you can get the samples still, from this link:

Pinal Dave of SQL Authority has written an excellent tutorial of how to install the sample database here:

Future editions of this book series will refer to AdventureWorks, or the latest and greatest at that time, if it changes again.

The code sample files are available on the downloads tab on this site.