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Visual Basic 6 in Plain English

Visual Basic 6 in Plain English

Brian Overland

ISBN: 978-0-764-57007-0

Dec 1998

592 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Spend less time searching for Visual Basic commands and more time learning them with Visual Basic 6 in Plain English. Featuring a quick-reference format, illustrated tutorials, practical examples, and concise, step-by-step instructions, Visual Basic 6 in Plain English is the ideal guide for busy VB programmers at every level. The book covers such important topics as arrays, controls, forms, classes, objects, properties, data types, operators, debugging commands, and much more.

Preface ix

Acknowledgements xv

Part I: Getting to Know VB6 2

Chapter 1: A Historical Introduction to VB 5

Chapter 2: A VB Survival Guide 21

Chapter 3: Coding Tips and Tricks 51

Chapter 4: Graphical VB 77

Chapter 5: Array’s the Thing 115

Chapter 6: Advanced Controls 141

Chapter 7: File Ops Made Easy 167

Chapter 8: OOPS, It’s Basic 187

Chapter 9: Writing Controls 101 221

Chapter 10: Controls 102: Properties 239

Chapter 11: Interface to Database 263

Chapter 12: Task Summary: How Do I? 283

Part II: Tables and References Data 320

Visual Basic 6 in Plain English 323

Visual Basic 6 A-Z 341

Chapter 13: Data Types 347

Chapter 14: Operators 359

Chapter 15: Summary of Standard Controls 369

Chapter 16: Object Keywords and Tools 389

Chapter 17: Control Structures 413

Chapter 18: Keyword Summary: File System 435

Chapter 19: Keyword Summary: General I/O 461

Chapter 20: Keyword Summary: Strings 473

Chapter 21: Keyword Summary: Math 499

Chapter 22: Debugging Commands 509

Appendix A: Calculator Sample Code 529

Appendix B: Stack Class 533

Appendix C: ASCII Character Table 537

Index 539

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Bonus Content

Bonus Content

The sample code, prepared exclusively for readers of Visual Basic® 6 in Plain English, is available only from and can be found on the downloads page from the menu on the left.

For additional information, please e-mail author Brian Overland.