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Visual C++ 6 For Dummies



Visual C++ 6 For Dummies

Michael Hyman, Bob Arnson

ISBN: 978-0-764-50372-6 September 1998 480 Pages

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Learn C++ the fun and easy way!

Three good reasons to learn C++: It’s available for DOS, Windows, OS/2, Mac OS, and nearly every other operating system out there, making it one of the most portable languages around. C++ is very powerful. It’s used to create products such as Excel and Access, and it’s used in MIS departments and consultants to create mission critical applications for business and government. And, it’s one of the most popular languages in the world. But, before you master C++, you need to get a handle on Visual C++, a set of powerful development tools for writing C++ programs.

Visual C++ 6 For Dummies is your complete guide to the Visual C++ environment and C++ programming. It gets you up and running with the code, confidence and cunning you need to start programming powerful utilities, cool games, or multimedia masterpieces.

In no time you’ll:

• Master the Visual C++ development environment, libraries, wizards, editors, compilers, and debugger
• Develop reliable code using object-oriented programming
• Unravel the mysteries of variables, statements, and pointers
• Add class and inheritance to your programs
• Use streams and exception handling
• Manage complex projects using the visual project show
• Debug programs and correct syntax errors

Visual C++ 6 For Dummies covers all the bases of with clear, accessible instructions, sample programs and lots of source code. Ideal for complete newcomers to C++ and experienced C++ programmers alike, it’s divided in three sections:

• A quick-guide to Visual C++—covers the main features of the programming environment, tools, and utilities
• A practical overview of C++ programming fundamentals—walks you through the development of several C++ programs
• A practical introduction to object-oriented programming—a great primer for beginners and experienced C++ programmers
And as if all that weren’t enough, you also get online access to download all of the code files from the book.

Visual C++ 6 For Dummies gives you everything you need to master Visual C++ and harness the power and portability of C++ today!

Introduction 1

Part I: Visual C++ in Nine Chapters 5

Chapter 1: what’s in the Visual C++ Package? 7

Chapter 2: Pulling Windows Program Out of a Hat 15

Chapter 3: Bewitched by ClassWizard 31

Chapter 4: Don’t You Want Some Project to Love? 51

Chapter 5: All it Takes is a Good Editor 59

Chapter 6: A Compile’s Just a Frown, Upside Down 69

Chapter 7: Lots of Bugs and Kisses 75

Chapter 8: Buying? Just Browsing 95

Chapter 9: Consider all Options 105

Part II: Everything You Wanted to Know about C++, but Were Afraid to Ask 113

Chapter 10: Get with the Program 115

Chapter 11: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming 121

Chapter 12: The Programming Parts Department 127

Chapter 13: It Takes all Types of Data 139

Chapter 14: These Variables, They Are A-Changin’ 147

Chapter 15: Structures: Building Blocks for Variables 151

Chapter 16: Making a Good First Expression 159

Chapter 17: Go With the Flow 177

Chapter 18: A Better Jukebox Application 189

Chapter 19: Play that Function Music Right, Boys 193

Chapter 20: Pointer Me in the Right Direction 207

Chapter 21: An Even Louder Jukebox 229

Chapter 22: Everyone Deserves Arrays (And Enumeration Types) 233

Chapter 23: A Jukebox Hero 243

Chapter 24: And You Thought Scope Was Just a Mouthwash 247

Part III: And Now for Something Completely Object Oriented 255

Chapter 25: Through the Looking Glass 257

Chapter 26: Boa Constructors and Boa Destructors 269

Chapter 27: Jukebox ++ 279

Chapter 28: Inheriting a Fortune 287

Chapter 29: Those Virtuous Virtual Functions (Polymorphism Wants a Cracker) 297

Chapter 30: Shirley Templates 307

Chapter 31: The Sound of Music, Continued 319

Chapter 32: Iostream Sundaes 329

Chapter 33: Too Hot to Exception Handle 337

Chapter 34: Just a Jukebox of Rain (Streams) 351

Chapter 35: Take an Overload Off Sally (And Her Friends) 355

Chapter 36: Overloading Pandora’s Jukebox 365

Part IV: The Part of Tens 369

Chapter 37: Ten Syntax Errors 379

Chapter 38: Ten More Syntax Errors 379

Chapter 39: Half of Ten Ways to Undo Things 385

Chapter 40: There Must Be Ten Ways to Fix Your Crashing Programs 387

Chapter 41: Ten More Ways to Fix Your Crashing Programs 395

Chapter 42: The Top Ten MFC Classes 405

Chapter 43: The Top Ten MFC Member Functions 409

Appendix: About the CD 411

Glossary 417

Index 433

IDG Books Worldwide End-User License Agreement 451

Installation Instructions 453

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Visual C++ 6 Code Files