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Visual Selling: Capture the Eye and the Customer Will Follow



Visual Selling: Capture the Eye and the Customer Will Follow

Paul LeRoux, Peg Corwin

ISBN: 978-0-470-14627-9 July 2007 272 Pages


Visual Selling provides salespeople with tools to sell in an increasingly image-oriented culture. More so than ever before, the way a salesperson looks and acts, the images on a screen or in handouts, and even room environments can impact people’s trust, satisfaction and willingness to buy. The authors believe that, to sell most effectively, the seller must be the visual focal point. This book draws on 25 years of experience coaching individuals and organizations in the art of visual selling, sharing stories and techniques used in big-dollar competitive presentations and pitches to senior management. Divided into three sections (the Seller as Focal Point, Getting Ready to Sell and Selling Situations), Visual Selling will appeal to a wide variety of business readers because it can be used to help salespeople sell one-on-one, as well as to assist corporate presenters at selling new programs or products in-house.

Section I – The Seller as Focal Point

Section II – Getting Ready to Sell

Section III – Selling Situations

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xvii

Part I The Seller as Focal Point

1 What Is Your Buyer Looking At? 3

2 Now That You Have Their Attention, What Should You Do? 17

3 Q&A: Thinking Visually and Verbally in Post-Pitch Situations 41

4 The Big 12 Derailing Details 57

5 Eliminating Decks and Delaying Handouts 77

6 Images: The Perfect Selling Partner 85

Part II Getting Ready to Sell

7 Thinking Up and Evaluating Images 103

8 Advanced Image Making 129

9 Organizing Content with Images 155

Part III Selling Situations

10 Selling to Different Groups and in Different Situations 173

11 Seeing the Range of Image Options: Seven Sample Presentations 199

12 How to Sell Doctors on Washing Their Hands and Other Final Insights 233

Afterword 239

References 241

Index 243