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Visualizing Geology, 4th Edition

Visualizing Geology, 4th Edition

Barbara W. Murck , Brian J. Skinner

ISBN: 978-1-119-03422-3

Dec 2015

544 pages



Visualizing Geology, 4th Edition introduces students to geology and Earth system science through the distinctive mode of visual learning that is the hallmark of the Wiley Visualizing series. Readers learn that the geologic features we see and experience result from interactions among three grand cycles, which extend from Earths core to the fringes of our atmosphere: the tectonic cycle, the rock cycle, and the water cycle.

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CHAPTER 1 Earth as a Planet

CHAPTER 2 Earth Materials

CHAPTER 3 How Old Is Old? The Rock Record and Geologic Time

CHAPTER 4 Plate Tectonics

CHAPTER 5 Earthquakes and Earth’s Interior

CHAPTER 6 Volcanos and Igneous Rock

CHAPTER 7 Weathering and Erosion

CHAPTER 8 From Sediment to Sedimentary Rock

CHAPTER 9 Folds, Faults, and Geological Maps

CHAPTER 10 Metamorphism: New Rock from Old

CHAPTER 11 Water On and Under the Ground

CHAPTER 12 The Ocean and the Atmosphere

CHAPTER 13 Climactic Extremes: Deserts and Glaciers

CHAPTER 14 Earth’s Climates: Past, Present, Future

CHAPTER 15 A Brief History of Life on Earth

CHAPTER 16 Understanding Life’s Resources

Appendix A: Units and Their Conversions

Appendix B: Periodic Table of Elements

Appendix C: Tables of the Properties of Selected Common Minerals

Appendix D: Self-Test Answers