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Visualizing The Lifespan

Jennifer Tanner, Amy Eva Alberts Warren, Daniel Bellack

ISBN: 978-0-470-91779-4 October 2015 560 Pages

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This text is an unbound, three hole punched version.

Visualizing the Lifespan, Binder Ready Version
will allow students to learn effectively by understanding the world around them and interpreting what they see in a meaningful and accurate way. The content, design, and layout of the title takes advantage of the full capacity in which students process information visual as well as verbal. 

Related Resources

  • The Visualizing Approach uses a variety of research-based visuals to engage students so they become active participants in the learning process.  

  • Multicultural perspectives which are incorporated into each chapter and enhanced with a wide variety of photos and images.

  • Learning objectives as a guide for students through each chapter. 

  • Application of content to other fields including education, nursing, social work, and criminal justice.
  • Reinforcement of learning by intermittently assessing students on content throughout each chapter.

WileyPLUS Learning Space: WileyPLUS Learning Space is an easy way for students to learn, collaborate, and grow. With WileyPLUS Learning Space, students create a personalized study plan, assess progress along the way, and make deeper connections as they interact with the course material and each other.

Through a combination of dynamic course materials and visual reports, this collaborative learning environment gives you and your students immediate insight into strengths and problem areas in order to act on what’s most important.