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Visualizing Your Business: Let Graphics Tell the Story

Visualizing Your Business: Let Graphics Tell the Story

Keith R. Herrmann

ISBN: 978-0-471-15102-9

Apr 2001

264 pages

Select type: E-Book



Provides the tools effective management needs to present sound analysis with clarity and insight

This invaluable guide provides managers, business owners, and consultants with the necessary tools to manage information, set goals, measure progress, and make fast decisions by quickly evaluating financial information and communicating it to their companies. Packed with real-world examples and dozens of illustrations from both the "do" and "don't" categories of information design, this book shows managers how to make memorable presentations that demystify complex issues and artfully integrate both financial and nonfinancial information. This book takes managers step-by-step through the process of creating visually effective exhibits that will enhance presentations and improve the understanding of key financial information necessary for management decisions. Plus, a CD-ROM is included with twenty-five key examples of graphical displays prepared in PowerPoint and Excel.



Variances and Comparisons.

Trends and Change.



Value Ranges.

Schematics and Maps.

Organizing Data and Information.

Planning, Scheduling, and Project Management.

Probability, Prediction, and What-If.





A Thousand Points of Data.

Appendix A: Anatomy of a Chart.

Appendix B: Defining Chart Types.

Appendix C: Financial Charting in Excel 97.