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Vital Factors: The Secret to Transforming Your Business - And Your Life

Vital Factors: The Secret to Transforming Your Business - And Your Life

Lee Froschheiser, Paul Chutkow, Barry Kemp (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-787-98447-2

Oct 2006, Jossey-Bass

304 pages

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Praise for Vital Factors

"Each story in this book provides a real-world example of the importance of finding ways to continually focus on and perfect your vital factors as a means to be successful in business and in life.Vital Factors brings to life the MAP process to help you figure out what really matters as you seek to enhance your personal life or to transform your business."
Kerry Killinger, chairman and CEO, Washington Mutual

"When I first became CEO I was inundated with constant interruptions and distractions. Then I discovered the MAP process. MAP forces you to focus on those core issues that drive an organization and eliminate the extraneous. Vital Factors shows the reader how to overcome these challenges through the stories of people who succeeded."
John V. Shields, chairman emeritus, Trader Joe's Company

"Vital Factors brings to life the power of concrete concepts that create consistency and results.I entrenched myself in these MAP principles early in my career, and years later I used them to develop my leadership team and transform our organization."
Joseph V. Haggerty, chief operating officer, United Way of America

"Vital Factors captures the winning formula to run any size business or organization. The real-world examples—provide insight that will help you grow as a leader and advance your career. It is mandatory for all of my senior leaders."
David Berman, vice president of worldwide?sales and service, WebEx Communications, Inc.

"Vital Factors is a valuable tool for all leaders and teams. It has provided our organization with a simple disciplined process to transform our business from being 'action focused' to 'results focused.' Vital Factors is now part of our culture and used by every employee; the linkage to results is incredible. Focus, discipline, communication, and accountability are driving positive results!"
Sharon Stein, senior vice president, Ceridian

Foreword vii
by Barry Kemp

Our Mission ix

A Little Taste of What's Ahead xi

1 The Genius of MAP 1

2 The Awakening 19

3 Meaning and Purpose 32

4 Values 48

5 Passion and Commitment 61

6 Discipline and Accountability 75

7 Clear Communication 90

8 Strategic Alignment and Buy-In 108

9 The Big Red "S" 123

10 How to Build a Winning Team 139

11 Unearthing the Buried Jewels 163

12 Managing Creativity 179

13 Dramatic Results 202

14 The Life Plan 218

15 Bringing MAP Home 233

16 The Promised Land 247

Appendix: The MAP Management System's Monday Morning Action Plan 265

The Authors 273

Index 275