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Vitamins and Minerals Bio-fortification of Edible Plants

Vitamins and Minerals Bio-fortification of Edible Plants

Noureddine Benkeblia

ISBN: 978-1-119-51111-3

Aug 2019, Wiley-Blackwell

400 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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This book will report on specific biofortification of edible crops using modern biotechnology and omics technologies in their broad and targeted sense. This discipline is attracting the interests of the scientific community who are involved in the development of novel biofortified edible crops, describing how the modern biotechnological tools and omics technologies can be used to improve the nutritional characteristics and nutritional health benefits of edible plants focusing on vitamins and minerals.
Some work have been published on phytonutrients enhancement of crops, but few work reported on vitamins and minerals. This book will include, but is not limited to, modification and enhancement of edible crops at the molecular level, frequently dubbed as “modern biotechnology” or “Omics technologies”. This book will also concentrate on recent developments of biotechnology used in edible development and will present biotechnology and omics as provider of powerful and useful tools, in a continuum of technical evolution that contributes or could contribute to the improvement of nutritional quality of edible crops.

This book will benefit readers by providing information on:
- How modern biotechnology and omics technologies can be used to improve vitamins and mineral contents of edible plants.
- What are the potential minerals and vitamins that can be targeted and prioritized?
- Improving “edible” plants rather than developing new and nutritional foods.
- What plants should be targeted to alleviate nutritional and disease issues in some regions where food is scarce or less accessible.
- Promoting “Nutritionally Enhanced” crops to alleviate malnutrition.

1. Biofortification of Horticultural Crops: Set the Stage for Better Nutrition

2. Modern Biotechnologies and Mineral Biofortification of Edible Crops

3. Modern Biotechnologies and Vitamin Biofortification of Edible Crops

4. Carotenoids Biofortification of Sweetpotato

5. Iron biofortification of crops

6. Bio-fortification of carotenoids in agricultural and horticultural crops: A promising strategy to target vitamin A malnutrition

7. Stakeholders' Reactions toward Iodine Biofortified Foods: A case-study in East-Africa

8. Ethical and Sociocultural Considerations of Biofortified Crops: Ensuring Value and Sustainability for Public Health

9. Food Fortification: What's in it for the modern world