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Vitiligo: A Monograph on the Basic and Clinical Science

Vitiligo: A Monograph on the Basic and Clinical Science

James Nordlund (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-75984-4

Apr 2008, Wiley-Blackwell

320 pages



This monograph is a comprehensive expose of the disorder vitiligo. The book introduces the topic with a presentation about its cultural effects in the Middle East where vitiligo is exceptionally disabling to the affected person. Nehru as Prime Minister of India stated that vitiligo was a major impediment to the successful development of India. The book includes sections on the definition of vitiligo based on a consensus of world experts on vitiligo. There is a complete description of its clinical manifestations including the extracutaneous sites by world experts. Differentiation of vitiligo from other forms of depigmentation associated with malignancies is included with sufficient photographs to document differences. A section will present the physiological changes associated with depigmentation - a little known phenomena. The complete histology, differential diagnosis and animal models are major sections. The animal models are important in formulating theories about the causes of vitiligo. Most clinicians will find this section very informative. The book finishes with a thorough treatise on the principles of therapy.

List of Contributors ix

Foreword xi

Preface xiii

Part 1: General Topics about Vitiligo

1 Definition of Vitiligo 3
S. K. Hann and J.J. Nordlund

2 The Loss of Melanocytes from the Epidermis: the Mechanism for Depigmentation of Vitiligo Vulgaris 7
J.J. Nordlund

3 History and Cultural Aspects of Vitiligo 13
D. Kopera

4 Genetics and Prevalence of Vitiligo Vulgaris 18
P.P Majumder

Part 2: Clinical Presentation of Vitiligo

5 Histology of Vitiliginous Skin 23
R.E Boissy

6 Clinical Features of Generalized Vitiligo 35
S.K. Hann and J.J. Nordlund

7 Clinical Features of Segmental Vitiligo 49
S.K. Hann

8 Childhood Vitiligo: Clinical Spectrum and Therapeutic Approaches 61
P.E. Grimes and N. Billips

9 Special Features of Vitiligo 70
J. P. Ortonne

10 Depigmentation of Hair and Mucous Membranes 76
J.P. Ortonne

11 Ocular and Otic Findings in Vitiligo 81
M.D. Mills and D.M. Albert

12 The Association of Vitiligo with Disorders of Other Organ Systems 89
J.J. Nordlund and S.K. Hann

13 The Psychological Effects of Vitiligo: Response to Impaired Appearance 97
J. Porter

Part 3: Pathogenesis of Vitiligo: Theories for Depigmentation

15 The Intrinsic (Genetic) Theory for the Cause of Vitiligo 123
R.E. Boissy

16 Theories on the Pathogenesis of Depigmentation: Immune Hypothesis 129
J.C. Bystryn

17 Autocytotoxic Hypothesis for the Destruction of Melanocytes as the Cause of Vitiligo 137
S.K. Hann and W.H. Chun

18 Neural Pathogenesis 142
G.E. Orecchia

19 Biochemical Theory of Vitiligo: A Role of Pteridines in Pigmentation 151
K.U. Schallreuter, W.D. Beazley and J.M. Wood

Part 4: Treatment of Vitiligo

20 The Melanocyte Reservoir and its Necessity 163
J. Cui

21 PUVA Therapy 168
W.L. Morison

22 Steroid Treatment for Vitiligo 173
S.K. Hann

23 Pseudocatalase in the Treatment of Vitiligo 182
K.U. Schallreuter, J. Moore and J.M. Wood

24 Surgical Therapies for Vitiligo 193
R. Falabella

25 Micropigmentation 202
R.M. Halder

26 Depigmentation for the Treatment of Extensive Vitiligo 207
J.J. Nordlund

27 Ancillary Therapies: Helping the Patient with Vitiligo to Adjust 214
J. Porter

28 Sunscreens and Sun Protection 218
J.J. Nordlund

29 Alternative Therapies for Vitiligo 222
G.E. Orecchia

Part 5: Topics Related to Vitiligo

30 Depigmentation Other Than Vitiligo 243
J.C. Bystryn

31 Physiological Alternatives in the Depigmented Skin of Patients with Vitiligo 254
S. IM and J.J. Nordlund

32 Chemical Leukoderma 269
L. Miyamoto and J.S. Taylor

33 Animal Models 281
L. Lamoreux and R.E. Boissy

Index 299

"The monograph is well organised and the excellent choice of topics provides a balanced view of the basic and clinical sciences...I highly recommend it to general practitioners, dermatologists and dermatopathologists...the graphs and tables are exceptional in quality and scope...this book is an excellent source of information on all aspects of vitiligo and fills a gap in the medical literature." The New England Journal of Medicine