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Vitiligo: Medical and Surgical Managmement

Vitiligo: Medical and Surgical Managmement

Somesh Gupta (Editor), Dr. Mats J. Olsson (Editor), Dr. Davinder Parsad (Editor), Henry W. Lim (Editor), Nanja van Geel (Editor), Amit G. Pandya (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-93738-9

Feb 2018

536 pages

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Practical guidance based on expert experience and evidence for developing management strategies for vitiligo 

This complete guide to vitiligo provides a full appraisal of strategy for the treatment of this autoimmune disease that affects 1-2% of the world’s population. It addresses all aspects of vitiligo, covering the science, medical and surgical therapies, and the psychological evaluations and approaches based on the proper understanding of the causes and classification of a particular case.

Management of vitiligo is challenging and requires a multipronged approach. Vitiligo: Medical and Surgical Management is a comprehensive, timely, state-of-the-art resource that will help those involved with affected patients better understand and treat this disease, which takes its toll on the mental wellness of those afflicted by it. It takes an evidenced-based approach to the disease’s treatment; provides an overview of the surgical management; covers tissue and cellular grafting; and more. 

  • Thoroughly guides those involved in the clinical aspects of vitiligo
  • Aids diagnosis and classification of severity
  • Balances evidence and experience
  • Compiled by world-leading expert editors

Comprehensive in nature, Vitiligo: Medical and Surgical Management contains a strong practical element, and is a welcome go-to source for practicing dermatologists and those training to become a dermatologist.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors

1 Introduction

2 Melanocyte and melanogenesis: Applied anatomy and physiology

3 Epidemiology of Vitiligo

4 Pathogenesis of vitiligo

5 Understanding the mechanisms of repigmentation in vitiligo

6 Classification and Clinical Features of vitiligo

7 Outcome Measures for Vitiligo

8 Evaluation and treatment of the psychosocial burden of vitiligo

9 Patient support, education and compliance

10 Goals of Vitiligo Treatment, and Evidence Based Practice Guidelines for Medical and Surgical Management

11 The concept of stability of vitiligo and stabilization therapies

12 Narrowband Ultraviolet B Phototherapy in Vitiligo

13 UVA-based Phototherapy: PUVA, PUVA-sol, UVA1 phototherapy

14 Immunomodulators and immunosuppressives in Vitiligo

15 Topical Glucocorticoids, Topical Calcineurin Inhibitors and Topical Vitamin D3 Analogues

16 Targeted Phototherapy in Vitiligo


18 Biologic therapies for vitiligo

19 Evidence toward integrated management of Vitiligo combining Ayurveda and Homeopathy with Modern Dermatology

20 History and chronology of development of surgical therapies for vitiligo

21 Patient selection, pre and postoperative information in surgical therapies for vitiligo

22 Classification of surgical therapies for vitiligo

23 Minigrafting for vitiligo

24 Suction blister epidermal grafting

25 Thin and ultra-thin skin grafts for vitiligo

26 Treatment of leukoderma by transplantation of ultra-thin epidermal sheets

27 Surgical management of leukotrichia

28 Mesh grafting in vitiligo

29 Smash Grafting

30 Therapeutic Needling and Needling Micrografting

31 Complications and limitations of melanocyte transplantation

32 Treatment of leukoderma by transplantation of basal cell layer suspension

33 Non cultured extracted follicle outer root sheath cell suspension transplantation

34 Long term results of non cultured epidermal cellular grafting in vitiligo

35 Simplified Non-Cultured Cellular Grafting

36 Novel methods of preparing epidermal cell suspension for transplantation in vitiligo

37 Setting up a tissue culture laboratory

38 Treatment of leukoderma by transplantation of cultured autologous melanocytes

39 Transplantation of in-vitro cultured epithelial grafts for vitiligo and piebaldism

40 Application of lasers for abrasion in transplantation procedures for vitiligo

41 Cell delivery on recipient skin

42 Safety concerns in transplantation of in vitro cultured cellular grafts

43 Surgical management of lip vitiligo, eyelids and genitals

44 Surgical management of acral vitiligo

45 Surgical management of leukotrichia

46 Surgical treatments of leukodermas other than vitiligo vulgaris

47 Ethnic issues in management and Sun protection

48 Management Issues for Vitiligo in Children and Pregnant Women

49 Combination treatments for Vitiligo

50 Micropigmentation


52 Depigmentation treatment for vitiligo: bleaching cream, laser and cryotherapy

53 Future directions in medical and surgical management of vitiligo

54 Informed consent