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Voice Acting For Dummies

Voice Acting For Dummies

David Ciccarelli, Stephanie Ciccarelli

ISBN: 978-1-118-41422-4

Dec 2012

384 pages



Make a career out of your voice? Easy.

Voice acting is like acting, but just using your voice! It's a unique career where the actor's voice can be heard worldwide-in commercials, on audiobooks, in animated movies, documentaries, online videos, telephone systems and much, much more. The point is to bring the written word to life with the human voice.

With step-by-step explanations and an abundance of examples, Voice Acting For Dummies is the ultimate reference for budding voice actors on auditioning, recording, producing voice-overs, and promoting themselves as a voice actor.

  • Creating a voice acting demo
  • Finding your signature voice
  • Interpreting scripts
  • Using audio editing software
  • Promoting your voice acting talents

If you're an aspiring voice actor or an actor or singer considering a career transition, Voice Acting For Dummies has everything you need to let your voice talents soar.

Introduction 1

Part I: Exploring Voice Acting Basics 7

Chapter 1: An Overview of Voice Acting: Just the Basics 9

Chapter 2: Finding Your Voice: How You Fit into Voice Acting 17

Chapter 3: Training Your Voice 29

Chapter 4: Understanding Your Role 53

Chapter 5: Interpreting a Script and Finding Your Character 69

Part II: Creating Your Audio Résumé 85

Chapter 6: Deciding What Demos Are Essential 87

Chapter 7: Getting Your Script Ready for Your Demo 99

Chapter 8: Recording Your Demo 113

Part III: Auditioning and Finding Work 127

Chapter 9: Marketing Yourself and Promoting Your Work 129

Chapter 10: Uncovering Voice Acting Jobs 159

Chapter 11: Auditioning 101: Just the Basics 171

Chapter 12: Auditioning in the Virtual World 185

Chapter 13: Auditioning in the Real World 199

Part IV: Setting Up Your Voice Acting Business 217

Chapter 14: Working after You’ve Booked a Voice-Over Job 219

Chapter 15: Getting Paid For Your Work 233

Chapter 16: Nurturing Your Business 247

Part V: Establishing Your Home Recording Studio 263

Chapter 17: Creating Your Own In-Home Recording Studio 265

Chapter 18: Understanding the Recording Process a Little Better 279

Chapter 19: Editing and Mixing: Getting More Advanced 293

Chapter 20: Recording the Finished Product 311

Chapter 21: Delivering the Final Product 321

Part VI: The Part of Tens 333

Chapter 22: Ten Reasons You Should Regularly Audition 335

Chapter 23: Ten (or So) Tips to Prepare for Voice Acting Jobs 339

Index 345