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Voigt's Pharmaceutical Technology



Voigt's Pharmaceutical Technology

Alfred Fahr, Gerrit L. Scherphof (Translator)

ISBN: 978-1-118-97244-1 February 2018 888 Pages

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A textbook which is both comprehensive and comprehensible and that offers easy but scientifically sound reading to both students and professionals

Now in its 12th edition in its native German, Voigt's Pharmaceutical Technology is an interdisciplinary textbook covering the fundamental principles of pharmaceutical technology. Available for the first time in English, this edition is produced in full colour throughout, with a concise, clear structure developed after consultation with students, instructors and researchers.  This book:

  • Features clear chapter layouts and easily digestible content
  • Presents novel trends, devices and processes
  • Discusses classical and modern manufacturing processes
  • Covers all formulation principles including tablets, ointments, capsules, nanosystems and biopharmaceutics
  • Takes account of legal requirements for both qualitative and quantitative composition
  • Addresses quality assurance considerations
  • Uniquely relates contrasting international pharmacopeia from EU, US and Japan to formulation principles
  • Includes examples and text boxes for quicker data assimilation

Written for both students studying pharmacy and industry professionals in the field as well as toxicologists, biochemists, medical lab technicians, Voigt’s Pharmaceutical Technology is the essential resource for understanding the various aspects of pharmaceutical technology.

Contributors vii

Foreword ix

Acknowledgements xiii

List of Abbreviations xv

Index of Pharmacopeia Boxes xix

Part I Dosage Forms

1 Drug Formulations as Application System–Science and Legal Provisions 3

Part II General and Technological Principles and Unit Operations

2 Unit Operations 13

3 Physical and Physicochemical Principles of Drug Formulation 39

4 Sterilization of Drug Formulations: Procedures to Reduce Microbial Count 133

5 Excipients for Drug Formulation 161

6 Basic Principles of Probability and Statistics 241

7 Basic Principles in Biopharmaceutics 279

Part III Solid Dosage Forms

8 Powders and Granules 319

9 Tablets 345

10 Coated Oral Dosage Forms 377

11 Capsules 395

12 Peroral Modified Release (MR) Formulations 409

13 Rectal Preparations 429

14 Vaginal Dosage Forms and Dosage Forms to be Introduced in Body Cavities 447

Part IV Semi-Solid Dosage Forms

15 Semi-Solid Preparations for Cutaneous Application 453

16 Patches/Plasters 517

Part V Liquid Dosage Forms

17 Solutions 529

18 Emulsions 537

19 Suspensions 557

20 Micro- and Nanodispersed Systems 569

21 Parenteral Formulations 581

22 Ophthalmic Preparations 623

Part VI Gaseous Dosage Forms

23 Inhalation Dosage Forms 637

Part VII General Aspects of Dosage Forms

24 Herbal Drug Preparations (Extracts, Tinctures, and Aqueous Preparations) 659

25 Stability and Stabilization 681

26 Incompatibilities 707

27 Packaging Materials and Technology 721

28 Recent and Future Developments in Pharmaceutical Technology 749

Appendix A Selected Dosage Forms (Compared between Ph. Eur., USP, and JP) 757

Index 817