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Wäßrige Polymerdispersionen: Synthese, Eigenschaften, Anwendungen

Wäßrige Polymerdispersionen: Synthese, Eigenschaften, Anwendungen

Dieter Distler (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60326-8

Jan 2005

319 pages

Select type: O-Book


The completely different book about Polymer Dispersions!

Topic of this book is the world of dispersions- from the point of view of the users.
More and more, non-polluting dispersions represent the center of interest. Meanwhile, aqueous dispersions removed polymers dissolved in organic solvents. As varied as the applications , as varied are the proceedings for synthesis of dispersions.

As much practise as possible- as much theory as necessary!

According to this principle, this book describes the varied methods of synthesis of aqueous dispersions, the raw materials for them as well as the various polymer classes, which are applied as raw materials.
A big chapter is dedicated to the methods of measurement for characterisation and for investigation of the characteristics. The book focuses on the application of aqueous dispersions in practise. The user is not obliged to familiarize with the theoretical description of colloidal systems - The center of interest during the evaluation of the information was always the daily professional practise. The contributions have been written down by top-ranking scientists of the most important industrial enterprises. As a result of this a high relevance for the practise is guaranteed.

What ever you wanted to know about aqueous dispersion - this book will show you!

Synthesis of Polymer Dispersions
Polymer classes and manufcaturers
Characteristics of Polymer Dispersions and Methods of
Applications in Paper and Graphic Industry
Applications for Industrial Coatings
Applications in Adhesive Industry
Applications in Textile Industry
Applications in Leather Industry
Applications in Construction Industry
Applications for Dipping Goods
Applications for Molded Foams
Applications for Pharmacy and Medicine