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Wall Street People: True Stories of the Great Barons of Finance, Volume 2

Wall Street People: True Stories of the Great Barons of Finance, Volume 2

ISBN: 978-0-471-27428-5

Jan 2003

288 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Revealing, captivating, and surprising stories of yesterday's legendary financial masterminds
From its inception, Wall Street has been home to a variety of fascinating heroes and villains who have left their mark-for better or for worse-in pursuit of their financial endeavors. In Volume Two of Wall Street People, Charles Ellis and James Vertin turn back the clock to reveal the true stories of yesterday's barons of finance. This book profiles some of the most interesting, powerful, and talked-about financial luminaries of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Readers will go behind the public image of financial personalities such as Jesse L. Livermore, Joseph P. Kennedy, Andrew Carnegie, and John D. Rockefeller. Vivid portraits of these and other financial legends offer a rare glimpse into the professional and personal world of yesterday's barons of finance.
Charles D. Ellis (Greenwich, CT) served for twenty-eight years as Managing Partner of Greenwich Associates.
James R. Vertin (Menlo Park, CA) was the founding manager and CIO of Wells Fargo Investment Advisors.
Vertin and Ellis have previously collaborated to produce three other books, including Wall Street People: True Stories of Today's Masters and Moguls (Wiley: 0-471-23809-0).

August S. Belmont.

Charles D. Barney.

Ferdinand Eberstadt.

Charles Hayden.

Edward A. Pierce.

Dwight Morrow.

Otto H. Kahn.

André Meyer.

Robert Lehman.

Edward Lefevre.

Jesse L. Livermore.

Joseph P. Kennedy.

William O Douglas.


Robert Morris.

George Peabody.

Andrew Carnegie.

John D. Rockefeller.

George F. Baker.

George W. Perkins.

James J. Srorrow.

Edward H. Harriman.

Mary A. Harriman.

Amadeo P. Giannini.

Jesse H. Jones.

Charles E. Merrill.

Robert Moses.


John Law.

Gerson Bleichroder.

Jay Cooke.

James Fisk.

Jay Gould, Daniel Drew, James Fisk, and Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Jay Gould.

James J. Hill.

Nelson W. Aldrich.

William C. Durant.

Van Sweringen Brothers.

Charles Ponzi.

Samuel Insull.

Ivar Kreuger.

Arsene Pujo.

Ferdinand Pecora.

Albert H. Wiggin.

Charles E. Mitchell.

Charles E. Mitchell.


Alexander Baring.

Alexander Brown.

Johann Heinrich Schröder.

Nicholas Biddle.

Stephen Girard.

Jacob Henry Schiff.

Mr. Morgan, Mr. Carnegie.

J. Pierpont Morgan, Jr.

Lehman Brothers.

Tokuschichi Normura H.

Jonathan Binns Were.


Sir Thomas Gresham.

John M. Keynes.

George Ross Goobey.

Georges F. Doriot.

Benvenuto Cellini.

Ulysses S. Grant.

Winston S. Churchill.