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Wandering Son, Volume 6

Wandering Son, Volume 6

Shimura Takako, Matt Thorn (Translator)

ISBN: 978-1-606-99707-9

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1269 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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In the latest volume of the manga series about transgendered kids struggling with adolescence, the casting of Romeo and Juliet, coupled with a friend's urging, is the catalyst for the protagonist to figure out if a crush on another transgendered student is that of a boy for a girl, a boy for a boy, a girl for a boy or a girl for a girl.

Shimura Takako's sensitive and charming manga series about two middle-schoolers wrestling with their gender identities continues. Faced with unwanted changes to their growing bodies, male-identified Takatsuki-san discovers the wonders of "breast binders," and female-identified Nitori-kun explores the limits of his ability to "pass." Also: the success of their performance of The Rose of Versailles in the fifth grade — in which the boys played the women and the girls played the men — inspires our protagonists to put on another gender-bending play for the junior-high school festival. They riff on Romeo and Juliet. Nitori-kun and his friend Chiba-san write the script together, but Chiba-san has an agenda: She wants to play Romeo, with Nitori-kun in the role of Juliet. But Nitori-kun wants Takatsuki-san to play Romeo... Chiba-san forces Nitori-kun to confront a question he's been avoiding. Are his feelings for Takatsuki-san those of a boy for a girl, a girl for a girl, or a girl for a boy? Meanwhile, Maho plans a trip to the beach with her boyfriend, and Nitori-kun must chaperone. Black & white.